U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet

18th Maintenance Group

The 18th Maintenance Group with its six squadrons maintains combat-ready aircraft to support air operation taskings directed by Commander Pacific Command through Pacific Air Forces and Fifth Air Force. The group manages more than $6 billion in resources, including 81 F-15 Eagles, KC-135 Stratotankers, E-3 Sentries and HH-60 Pave Hawk aircraft. 

The 18 MXG provides training for more than 2,400 aircraft maintainers and munitions handlers. The group also provides maintenance support and facilities for all other forces assigned to or transiting Kadena. 

The group's six squadrons are the 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron (EMS), 18th Munitions Squadron (MUNS), 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (AMXS), 18th Component Maintenance Squadron (CMS), 18th Maintenance Operations Squadron (MOS) and 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. 

The 18 EMS supports heavy maintenance for Kadena-assigned aircraft, F-15s, KC-135s and HH-60s; and limited maintenance to associate H/MC-130, RC-135; and transient C-5, C-17 and C-130 aircraft. The 18 EMS directly supports sortie production for a 14,000-hour annual flying-hour program. 

The 18 MUNS operates the Air Force's largest conventional munitions storage area supporting activities of all U.S. services and Japan Ground and Air Self-Defense Force. The squadron provides the wing and associate units with munitions for more than 12,000 annual sorties. It maintains a war reserve materiel stockpile for U.S. forces throughout the Pacific theater valued at $475 million with 475 facilities and 200 vehicles within a 5,200-acre area.

The 18 AMXS's primary responsibility is the maintenance, generation and mobilization of more than 50 F-15 Eagle aircraft, the only F-15s in the Asian and Western Pacific region. 

The 18 CMS provides maintenance on electronics for propulsion, avionics and airframe accessory sub-systems for all assigned aircraft. The 18 CMS maintains the only four-bay engine test cell facility in Pacific Air Forces. It is also responsible for test, measurement and diagnostic equipment services to the wing and associate units, as well as maintenance services essential to daily aircraft sortie production and unit deployments. 

The 718 AMXS maintains the KC-135, HH-60 and E-3 aircraft. The squadron provides the only air refueling, combat search and rescue, and air battle management assets in the Asian and Western Pacific region.

The 18th MOS is responsible for administration, command and control, scheduling, analysis and quality assurance for all Kadena-assigned aircraft. 

The squadron monitors the total maintenance production effort of the 18th MXG to ensure effective use of resources. The 18th MOS provides weapons qualification, certification and maintenance training. The squadron manages mobility, facility, manpower and Air Force repair and enhancement programs.

18th Wing Public Affairs
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September 2007