The Kadena Pediatric Health Clinic is the Medical Home for over 3,700 patients to include infants & children from birth to age 17. With a staff including 3 providers, 3 clinical nurses, 6 medical technicians, and 3 medical administration personnel, our Medical Home sees 14,000 patients on an annual basis. This element provides services that include, but are not limited to ''Children with Healthy Habits'', Allergy Immunotherapy Clinic, ADD/ADHD evaluation and treatment, behavioral health care services, strep throat, and wart treatment clinics. In addition, this element also provides newborn and infant well baby visits, annual well child visits, and routine visits for evaluation/ management of non-urgent, long standing conditions. Acute illness appointments are available within the same day to diagnose & manage urgent care needs. Please know that your healthcare team nurse is always available to answer your questions, as well as provide you with helpful, home care advice. All telephone consults left for your team will be answered within 24-72 hours and every effort is made to reach you as soon as possible.

The Kadena Pediatric Clinic Appointment Line is open from 7:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday (excluding Federal Holidays, PACAF Family Days and Down Days) and 7:00am-12:00pm on training days every 3rd Thursday of the month. For appointments and for answers to all of your health care questions, please call us at:

Cell: 098-960-4817 (Ext 1, then option 2)
On Base: 630-4817 (Ext 1, then option 2)


Health Education Fact Sheet
Wellness & Immunization Fact Sheet
2-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire
4-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire
6-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire
9-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire
12-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire
18-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire
24-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire
36-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire
48-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire
60-Month Ages & Stages Questionnaire


Emergencies on Okinawa
The 18th Medical Group is home to PACAF's largest ambulatory clinic, and as such, does not provide emergency care. Please utilize the resources below if you are in need of medical attention after normal operating hours or require emergency care.

For Medical Emergencies on Kadena Air Base:
Landline Telephone (On Base): 911
Cell Phone: 098-911-1911

If you need to speak to a 18 MDG representative but do not face imminent loss of life, limb, or eyesight after hours, please dial 630-4817(base), option 1, or 098-960-4817(cell), option 1 for dedicated advice and instruction. We have personnel on-call 24/7 to return your call, hear your concerns and provide personalized guidance depending on your need.

TRICARE Online TRICARE Online features secure access to beneficiary appointments, prescriptions, and personal health data. To register go to click on the "Register Now on TOL" link located under the Login area on the Home page. From there, follow the instructions to complete your account registration.

Mandatory Call-in Refills:
 Prescriptions called in before 1600 should be ready for pick-up the next duty day after 1000
          634-1111 (On Base) -- Option 1, then Option2
          098-911-5111 (Cell Phone) -- Wait for dial tone then dial 643-1111, Option 1, then Option 2
If your phone just rings and the system does not answer, all lines may be full. Please try again later. If you continue to have difficulty, please call us at 630-4368
Thank you for your continued support as we try to better serve you!

What is PCMH?
PCMH is an active approach to establish a ''Medical Home'' for everyone--this means improved continuity of care! Your healthcare needs are coordinated by your individual medical provider who is leading a team of medical professionals providing continuous, comprehensive and personalized prevention based healthcare. WHY PCMH?
The key to PCMH and continuity of care is you shouldn't have to worry about seeing a different provider each time you visit the clinic. Every effort will be made to ensure you are cared for by the same pediatric health care team (technician, nurse & provider) every time you visit the clinic. Improved continuity means better medical management. If you are ever dissatisfied with your Primary Care Manager (PCM), please feel free to speak with an 18th MDG Tri-Care representative to discuss your options. We strive to meet all the medical needs through your ''Pediatric Medical Home''. OTHER IMPORTANT RESOURCES for our pediatric patients & families include: Also, please see the attachments below for further valuable health care advice/information, which can ensure your child's needs are met today!

We are leading the way in the Air Force because we are committed to providing you fast and convenient access to your pediatric healthcare team. Through effective communication and the building of continuous healing relationships you will receive the resources you need to care for your children.

Updated Jan 2016