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COVID-19 Update

The installation is in COVID-19 community spread level LOW.

Mask wear is NOT required on Kadena Air Base with the following exceptions:

  • During periods of medium, low, or non-existent COVID community level, masks are no longer required in Bldg 626 (18 MDG)
  • During periods of high COVID community level, patients/visitors to Bldg 626 (18 MDG):
    • Will wear a face covering compliant with CDC guidance within the facility at all times
    • Will be provided one surgical mask if they do not have a compliant facemask
    • Exceptions: <2yrs old (children ages 2-5 who can't/won't keep the mask on should be taken directly to an exam room), where mask wear can cause a clinical safety hazard, when needed be removed for medical or dental care.
  • Individuals riding buses, vans, or cars that remain on USFJ installation or travel between USFJ installations are not required to wear a mask when COVID-19 Community Level is Low or Medium (e.g., DODEA school buses, on-base bus routes)
  • While off USFJ installations, personnel should follow host nation policies and practices regarding mask wear. Pre-elementary (age 6 and below) children are not required to wear a mask.

For any questions or information, please see your respective chain of command.



Off-Base Mask Guidance

General COVID-19 Information

Important numbers

Kadena Medical Clinic

DSN: 630-4817
Comm: 098-960-4817

U.S. Naval Hospital preventative medicine
Comm: 090-6861-5230

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