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COVID-19 Update

0 individuals at Kadena Air Base tested positive for COVID-19, during the week of 16 Oct. - 22 Oct. The current number of active cases at Kadena is 1.

Whenever there’s a positive case on Kadena, the individual is placed in isolation while Public Health conducts thorough contact tracing. Any close contacts identified are notified and then placed in quarantine.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, STAY HOME and call the COVID Care Line at 098-971-9691. As a reminder, continue to exercise good hand hygiene practices, social distancing measures, and wear your face mask in accordance with current base policy.

If you are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, you can sign up for the next vaccine line at the following link:

For base residents with questions regarding Kadena’s health protection measures, please utilize your chain of command.

General COVID-19 Information

Important numbers

COVID Care Hotline
Comm: 098-971-9691

Kadena Medical Clinic

DSN: 630-4817
Comm: 098-960-4817

U.S. Naval Hospital preventative medicine
Comm: 090-6861-5230

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