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If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms,


before proceeding to a medical facility.

Kadena Medical Clinic: 630-4817 or 098-960-4817

U.S. Naval Hospital: 090-6861-5230

Symptoms include: fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, nausea, or diarrhea


July 10, 2020

Team Kadena,

Many of you are aware our joint community has experienced multiple new positive cases of COVID-19 over the last several days. Additionally, we have seen three new cases among our Okinawan neighbors. The U.S. cases have primarily been Marines assigned to MCAS Futenma and Camp Hansen, and have been a mix of both travel related and those with origins we’ve yet to be able to identify indicating the potential of a reemergence of community spread. Commanders on the affected installations are taking steps based on the elevated, localized risk, but we must all recognize this is a joint Okinawa concern due to the close proximity our military communities and of our Okinawan neighbors.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate with the low numbers of cases on island over the last two months, and this low number has been largely due to a combination of your adherence to measures in place for the protection of the community and the benefit of our geography. Due to this positive trend, we have been able to relax many of the measures previously in place to allow more freedom of movement in our daily lives.  That said, with fewer restrictions, including opening of more travel options, our joint Okinawa team is aware we are not free of risk and have worked diligently to monitor trends and prepare for the likelihood of future cases. 

As we’ve seen numbers of new daily cases on mainland Japan double in the last week, along with our recent cases on island, Kadena Air Base will transition from Health Protection Condition Bravo back to Charlie effective immediately. We are doing this in partnership with our joint U.S. military team on island. Details on specific protective measures involved with this elevation to HPCON-Charlie will be distributed through normal official channels, so for military members, contact your chain of command with questions on guidance, and for our families, ensure you contact your sponsors for the latest.  We will also continue to post updates on Facebook, our websites and other social media, but these military channels will remain your primary source for official information.    

Please remember that no protective measure, including these elevated measures, will matter unless everyone is doing their part. We all must ensure we adhere to the basics of social distancing, mask wear, and good hygiene. If you’re in restriction of movement status, you are obligated to adhere to the procedures and help ensure those around you are doing the same.  And again, under the current declaration by U.S. Forces Japan of a Public Health Emergency, following these rules is the price of admission for anyone entering, or remaining, on Kadena Air Base—not just our uniformed members.

Thanks for all you do as part of this amazing team.  It truly is remarkable what the 18th Wing and Team Kadena do every day in providing for the security and stability of this region alongside our Japanese allies. All this while taking care of one another amid the challenges of COVID-19.  I’m proud of you…I’m proud to be on this team. 

Brig Gen Joel L Carey
Commander, 18th Wing


Page updated August 11, 2020

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