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The unit public affairs representative, first and foremost, is the Public Affairs person for the unit, and the eyes and ears of the eing public affairs office. Without that person, information about your unit and its people may go unnoticed and unrecognized.

* Contributing news, feature stories, photos, and story ideas about your people (both on and off duty) and your unit for the wing newspaper and releases to the media. Sometimes these stories may be published in Airman or Citizen Airman Magazine.

* Assisting with your unit's Commander's Call, to include coordinating and scheduling guest speakers, coordinating presentation of decorations and awards, and providing effective internal two-way communication.

* Getting your people recognized throughout the United States by supporting the Hometown News Release Program by providing DD Forms 2266, Information for Hometown News Release, to unit members, ensuring their validity and accuracy, and turning them in to wing public affairs.

* Borrowing still or video photography equipment from wing public affairs for photographing events or people in your unit. Wing PA has a limited number of digital cameras available for UPAR checkout. Many units have purchased their own moderately priced digital cameras to support the UPAR program as well as several other commanders' programs.

* Attending UPAR meetings for training and new information.

To become a UPAR please speak with your chain of command and contact the 18wg.paphotosupport@us.af.mil with your unit and contact information.