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True North (TN) mission:  Engage forces and families early, before smaller problems turn into bigger ones; Change the culture by promoting help-seeking behavior as an essential part of readiness and performance optimization; Provide easier access and greater familiarity with embedded professionals

Embedded Providers
TN recognizes that service and family members face challenges, adversity, and difficult choices every day.  When facing these issues without the coping skills necessary to deal with unique difficulties, personal welfare can be jeopardized.  TN consists of Mental Health Teams (Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Mental Health Technicians) and Religious Support Teams (Chaplains and Religious Affairs Airmen) which are embedded directly into the units, as patch-wearing teammates with the same daily mission, working for the same unit commanders.


Mental Health Team unit providers offer limited scope counseling in the workplace and are credentialed and privileged in the local Military Treatment Facility. These providers offer education and training through various outreach initiatives.  They can also assist with establishing healthy habits, relationship building, communication, anger management, and much more. 

Religious Support Teams provide confidential spiritual counseling to both Airmen/Guardians AND their families.  They also provide unit ministry and religious programs to equip the unit with the skills to remain spiritually fit.  RSTs host various family and singles’ events, creating opportunities to strengthen relationships.


To contact True North unit representatives, please visit the Kadena Connect app.  Department of the Air Force Resiliency Home Page


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