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True North Provides

Your True North Team

True North (TN) mission:  Engage forces and families early, before smaller problems turn into bigger ones; Change the culture by promoting help-seeking behavior as an essential part of readiness and performance optimization; Provide easier access and greater familiarity with embedded professionals

Embedded Providers
TN recognizes that service and family members face challenges, adversity, and difficult choices every day.  When facing these issues without the coping skills necessary to deal with unique difficulties, personal welfare can be jeopardized.  TN consists of Mental Health Teams (Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Mental Health Technicians) and Religious Support Teams (Chaplains and Religious Affairs Airmen) which are embedded directly into the units, as patch-wearing teammates with the same daily mission, working for the same unit commanders.


Mental Health Team unit providers offer limited scope counseling in the workplace and are credentialed and privileged in the local Military Treatment Facility. These providers offer education and training through various outreach initiatives.  They can also assist with establishing healthy habits, relationship building, communication, anger management, and much more. 

Religious Support Teams provide confidential spiritual counseling to both Airmen/Guardians AND their families.  They also provide unit ministry and religious programs to equip the unit with the skills to remain spiritually fit.  RSTs host various family and singles’ events, creating opportunities to strengthen relationships.


Contact Information:

18 MXG

RST:       Capt Levy Pekar 634-0504 and SSgt Alexander Young 634-1027

MHT:     18 AMXS: Dr. Xhosa Burford 632-6787

                18 CMS: Bryce Veazey 634-5352

                18 EMS: Dr. Consuela Rogers 634-4895

                718 AMXS:  Nacole Kight 634-7698

                18 MUNS: Megan Oliveri 632-3031


18 MSG

RST:      Capt Bret Lortie 634-1804 and SSgt Zachary Smith 634-3490

              Dr. Edwina Martin no DSN:

18 SFS: Mine Womack 634-0706 and William Hazel 634-3213

              18 LRS: Christina Dillon 632-6532 and Ian Bell 634-5796


18 MDG

RST:       Capt Holly Jones 630-1111 and SSgt Maureen Moritz 630-7900


18 CEG (all TN personnel temporarily located at Stearley Heights Elem)

RST:       Capt JB Acheson 634-2626 and TSgt Kevin Calamease 634-2626    

MHT:     718 CES: Dena Lewis 632-8656

                18 CES: Howard Reyes 632-8656


18 OG

RST:       Capt Bermsoo Kim 634-2311 and TSgt Cedric Johnson 634-8197

MHT:     18 OSS: Birnettiah Killens 634-3764


353rd SOW:  SSgt Jonathan Vecellio (Mental Health Technician) 634-7044

18 WG/TN: Dr. Dawn Sokolski, Clinical Manager,

18 WG/TN: Lori Anderson, Program Manager,

18 WG/TN: Neli Meier, Program Manager,  Department of the Air Force Resiliency Home Page


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