Welcome to Kadena Air Base!

An assignment to Kadena Air Base can be an exciting and enjoyable one for anyone, whether you've been in the Air Force for a while, are a first-term Airman or a civil service employee.

This page is being continuously updated and improved to supply you with the right information to make for a smooth transition from wherever you are now, to this one-of-a-kind island. Please explore the links provided on this site, as well as the rest of the Kadena homepage for nearly anything you may need to know before, and after, arriving on Okinawa.

Please click here and send us a message if there's something we're missing that may help in your move!

Before You Arrive

Before arriving on Kadena, you'll likely need to know about how to call Kadena, what the rules and intracacies are for lodging and who to talk to about childcare.

Ensuring you're also up-to-date on pet policies can help alleviate some of the stress of moving the fuzzy or scaly members of the family.

Setting up a forwarding address for your postage is a process that can be started before you ever arrive on Kadena. The information provided here can help take away some of the guesswork.

Traveling can be difficult. Between your port call and shipping household goods, the trip can be stressful. The link above can help make things a little more bearable  by helping you figure out who to tell what and what you should, and shouldn't, bring to Okinawa.

Newcomers Info

Japan is a unique country compared to what many Americans are used to. Automobiles and motorcycles follow different guidelines and prices, and actually driving on Okinawa can be an enormous adjustment. In addition to the everyday use of vehicles, the changes in American dollars and Japanese yen can surprise and confuse many visitors due to the ever-changing exchange rate.

The country of Japan is free of firearms except under very specific circumstances. It is best to store or sell any firearms before coming to Okinawa. Spent shells, live rounds or gun parts can also cause problems when processing through customs, so inspect all baggage for these items prior to arrival.

There are restrictions on traveling into Japan with medications. Certain over-the-counter medications commonly used in the U.S. are prohibited in Japan (ex: Sudafed, Vick inhalers, Codeine cough medications). In addition, prescription medications in quantities larger than a month supply and/or certain classes (psychotropics, narcotics) require permission from Government of Japan (GOJ) and specific documentation. For additional information, visit https://jp.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/doctors/importing-medication/

Claims for lost, damaged or stolen goods can be placed through the Air Force Claims center. Rules, stipulations and more information can be found on their webpage.

Local Information

The histories of Kadena and Okinawa have been tied together since the 18th Wing was known as the Provisional Pursuit Group at its inception in 1927. Since then, the local and base communites have been through many changes, all while maintaining a solid relationship. 

Speaking some of the language and maintaining proper manners in the ocean can help keep that relationship strong!

Hometown News Release

To recommend a story idea, submit an article or photograph for consideration by media organizations in your hometown, click the "Hometown News Release" button.


Once you know your arrival date on island, it is advisable for you or your Sponsor to schedule your initial housing brief ahead of time. If you are already on island, it is suggested that you report to the DOD Family Housing Office located on Kadena Air Base within two to three days of arrival to Okinawa. To schedule an appointment, you may contact HMO at DSN 634-0582, or via email, kadenahousing.customerservice@us.af.mil, or report to the housing office (bldg. 217). Business hours are as follows: 0800 -1530 hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and 0800 – 1200 hours on Wednesdays. Please provide a copy of your orders, any amendments, Dependent Area Clearance (Marine Corps), Dependent Entry Approval (Navy), and any useful documents such as promotion/pregnancy verification, remote orders, etc.

 To send HMO an Advanced Housing Application, required forms could be downloaded from www.housing.af.mil/Units/Okinawa. Please include Orders and Area Clearance (Marine Corps) or Dependent Entry Approval (Navy).

 You and your family will attend an orientation housing briefing that provide information regarding on base housing.  At this briefing, you will be advised the current availability of on-post housing in your grade (rank) and entitlement (bedrooms).  If no homes are available on-post, you are then cleared to pursue off-post housing.

Once You Arrive

 After arriving on-island, attending the base newcomers briefing newcomers briefing will give those still shaking off a case of jet lag plenty of information for their first few days. The link highlights required documents, tours, briefings and more, so check it out for more info.

Most people want to experience some of the beauty associated with being on a tropical island and the Kadena Force Support Squadron has events, information on classes and trips and much more!

The Kadena Air Base Passenger Terminal provides information on travel and Space-A flights. Try the link for more information, dates and rules!

When you first arrive, you'll likely notice that driving on Okinawa is more than a little different than it was in the U.S. The highlighted guide can help drivers, new and old, learn more about the little details of driving around the island.

Families with Children

For families, moving can be a big deal. A lot can happen during outprocessing and the act of moving. Ensuring you have access to resources for any children you may have can take away some of the uncertainty and stress of coming to a new location.

There are three Child Development Centers, accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, located on Kadena. Each center offers a variety of services for children ranging in age from six weeks to five years old. In addition to the CDC, there are options available for Family Child Care homes and School Age Programs.

For the school-age children, missing to much time from their education can be a big problem. Getting enrolled into one of the several elementary, middle or high schools can help make the transition to a new location much less stressful. The DoDEA School Liaison Officer can be reached by calling DSN 634-2231 or through email at 18msg.kadenaslo@us.af.mil.

The folks over at the Kadena Force Support Squadron are the primary liaisons for things like families with Exceptional Family Members, staying active and healthy with Youth Sports, helping take care of the fuzzy family members over at the Karing Kennels, hanging out without the younger kids at the Teen Center and much, much more!

One of the kids have a project coming up? Wanting to get in a bit of reading? Check out the library for hard, digital and audiobook copies of some of your favorites!


Okinawa is an island located in an area where huricane-like storms, called typhoons, are common. Strong winds and rain are two very destructive forces associated with them. Most buildings are built to withstand the storms and there are plenty of resources available, like the Kadena Typhoon Guide, to help build preparedness plans.

earthquakes and the less common tsunamis are facts of life in Okinawa due to a fracture in the plates in the Western Pacific. Many quakes are too small to feel or notice, but they can be dangerous if a person is unprepared. 

Part of the beauty of living in Okinawa is the opportunity to explore its many beaches, but before participating in any water-related activity, everyone should keep in mind that sea conditions can be extremely dangerous and change very rapidly. Practicing water safety techniques can help prevent potentially life-threatening situations.

The Emergency Actions Guide has information on TCCOR conditions, recommendations on emergency kits and more.


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What's faster than a digital scan arm that takes 200,000 points of an aircraft part or equipment all at once? Check out the video below to see how #TeamKadena charges towards innovation by ditching the ruler and pencil and embracing the future of maintenance. #Innovation 18 MXG Maintenance Ops United States Air Force Fifth Air Force - 第5空軍司令部 U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部) U.S. Pacific Air Forces
#TeamKadena, The Air Force announced new rules April 23, 2019, on Operational Camouflage Pattern uniforms that aim to better fit the needs of Airmen and the jobs they do while also holding fast to tradition. The changes highlighted include authorization of the Two-piece Flight Duty Uniform in garrison and updated patch guidance for the OCP uniform.
You may think you're cool, but are you EOD cool? Let's see if you can top these EOD hero shots! #TeamKadena congratulates TSgt Bryan Woiewucki, 18 CES Explosive Ordnance Disposal NCOIC of training, for earning the U.S. Pacific Air Forces 2018 NCO of the Year! Throughout 2018, Woiewucki experienced a deployment to Africa, volunteered as a Team 5/6 committee lead and professional development coordinator, fielded new technology that would help CE personnel survey airfield damage, all while performing his regular job of training the next generation of EOD troops in nearly 200 core tasks. Fightin’ Fifth Air Force Command Chief U.S. Pacific Air Forces US Air Force Civil Engineers
Hey #TeamKadena, show us your best egg hunt pictures! What's a better way to take a break from the daily mission than to experience Eggsplosion today with your children? Family programs such as this remind us why Airmen dedicate their lives to support and defend the United States and our allies. Let's give a huge shout out to Kadena Force Support Squadron for dedicating their time and energy to host this amazing event! #Resiliency #Families #Support #Sustain
#ICYMI #TeamKadena supported Exercise Balikatan 2019 in the Philippines with our brothers and sisters from the 51st Fighter Wing, Osan Air Base (Official). Check out the #A10Warthog in action! #CAS #Partnerships #Alliances #Lethality U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Team AFP
FYI #TeamKadena, here's a reminder of OCP regulations and timelines. You won't look cool if you're wearing the wrong boots! #OCPArmageddon #Monday
Sometimes you just need to hear it in their own words... #MonthoftheMilitaryChild #MOMC2019 #PurpleUp DoDEA Pacific DODEA Kadena High School DODEA Ryukyu Middle School DODEA Kadena High School DODEA Amelia Earhart Intermediate School DODEA Stearley Heights Elementary School U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部) Yokota Air Base Misawa Air Base United States Air Force
Approximately 380 United States Air Force personnel from more than 60 career fields participated in Exercise Balikatan to exchange operational and organizational knowledge with the Philippine Air Force at Clark Air Base, Philippines. #Partnerships #Deterrence #TeamWork III MEF Marines U.S. Pacific Air Forces Fightin’ Fifth Air Force Command Chief U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Team AFP Armed Forces of the Philippines U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部) U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) The Philippines Armed Forces U.S. Embassy in the Philippines
#TeamKadena exemplifies #JointOps #Lethality, and we are ready to defend Japan against any and all possible threats. #Deterrence #Readiness III MEF Marines 1-1 ADA (Air Defense Artillery) Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa
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Throughout the Month of the Military Child we give thanks and honor our sons and daughters for everything they give us and sacrifice for us in support of service to the nation. #TeamKadena high school students wish to give us a message of kindness, a reminder that we all have the capacity to make life a better place for others.
Here she comes... and there she goes! The F-15 Eagle is one sleek machine. Who doesn't love photos of jets? Come on everybody, let's see your favorite photos of military aircraft!
Kadena SAPR members are coming to a facility near you! Even just a little bit of extra knowledge can be the big difference for somebody in need of help. Learn more about Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month by visiting https://www.kadena.af.mil/Agencies/SAPR/ #SAAPM2019Oki
#TeamKadena and GEN Mark A. Milley, U.S. Army Chief of Staff encourage all family members to show some extra, extra appreciation to our sons and daughters during the #MonthoftheMilitaryChild. Let's show appreciation to the children for being resilient in this challenging military life. Yokota Air Base Misawa Air Base U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部) U.S. Pacific Air Forces
18 CEG #Firefighters are always ready when the bell rings. See how one of #TeamKadena's finest stay ready for any situation. Engineers, lead the way! United States Air Force Fightin’ Fifth Air Force Command Chief Fifth Air Force - 第5空軍司令部 Oshkosh Corporation US Air Force Civil Engineers
The 18th Maintenance Group ensures #TeamKadena maintainers have every tool necessary to augment their skills on and off the flight line with a new virtual reality training program. #innovation #training #VR #VirtualReality U.S. Indo-Pacific Command U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部) United States Air Force Fifth Air Force - 第5空軍司令部
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Frequent Numbers

Air Mobility Command Terminal (AMC)
Chapel Customer Service
Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DODDS)
Hospital Appointment Line
Airman Family Readiness Center
Housing Office
Human Resource Office (HRO)
Information Tours and Travel (ITT)
Legal Assistance
Traffic Management Inbound Office
Traffic Management Outbound Office
Pass & Identification Customer Service
Post Office
Schilling Recreation Center
Women, Infant & Children Overseas (WICO)

For more information on how to call Kadena from commercial lines, check out our guide!