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Complaints Resolution Program (CRP)

The IG CRP and FWA programs are here to help you. You have the right to communicate with an IG member or a Member of Congress, but please give your own chain of command or the appropriate organization's representative a chance to work your issue first. We are able to assist Japanese speaking USFJ employees. 


What the IG does to support you: 

  • Educate and train base populace on their rights and responsibilities in regard to the Air Force IG system
  • Thoroughly and expeditiously resolve acts of reprisal, restricted access, and abuse of authority
  • Prevent, detect, and correct instances of fraud, waste, abuse, and gross mismanagement
  • Protect your identity to the maximum extent possible
  • Function as the fact-finder and honest broker in the resolution of complaints


What you do to support the IG:

  • Submit complaints at any level within IG channels
  • Exhaust appropriate redress or appeal process of a grievance, prior to filing an IG complaint


18th Wing IG Email: