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Whether visiting for work, friends or family, the 18th Security Forces Squadron Pass and Registration, located at the entrance of Kadena Gate 1, should be the first stop for those needing access to the base. Handling everything from Passes to restricted area badges, the Airmen working at the Pass and Registration want to be of service. To save time and unnecessary trips, this page is dedicated to outlining all the appropriate paperwork needed for different types of passes, badges and permits.

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SOFA Permit / Restricted Area Badge

Unescorted Base Pass (DBIDS Card)


A Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) Permit stands as a contract of sorts between the Government of Japan and the United States allowing licensed military members, DoD civilians and their families to drive while stationed in Japan.  For SOFA related inquiries, review the below links.

To obtain your SOFA Permit, complete the SOFA Drivers Test using blank answer sheet and make an appointment with 18 SFS Pass and Registration located by Gate 1.

At your appointment time bring your completed answer sheet, copy of your orders or letter of employment (LOE) for civilians, current driver’s license and DoD ID Card.

Appointment Link:


Links for SOFA Information

Link to SOFA Drivers Course

Link to SOFA Drivers Test

Link to Answer Sheet


For questions on this course please email

For questions on SOFA Permit please call 634-3437


  • USMC/US Army personnel must contact Marine Corps Base Safety/DSN: 645-3369 and US Navy Personnel need to contact CFAO/DSN: 634-8212 for their respective SOFA Permit issues.

  • Valid stateside driver’s license/certificate from Schilling Center (45-hour first time driver's course).  *MUST BE ON PERSON AT ALL TIMES WHEN DRIVING

  • Orders/SURF for Military Members/Dependents

  • Letter of Employment (LOE) for Civilians *WE DO NOT use the date on your CAC

  • Military/Dependent/Contractor Identification

  • Motorcycle endorsement letter (ORA from 18 WG/Safety) required if getting motorcycle permit   

  • We will grade your test at the window.

  • For reissue, if your SOFA permit has been expired for over 30 days, you will be required to retake the Wing Safety test before we can reissue.

  • Expired stateside driver's license:

    • ​States with military clause/extension - provide documentation that your stateside license is automatically extended for military members serving overseas.​

    • States with mail-in renewal - provide documentation that license renewal has been requested (mail receipt, temporary license, etc...).

    • States with no military clause - IAW KABI 31-218, Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision, the 18 MSG/DD may grant a waiver for a renewal of the USFJ Form 4EJ. Waivers may be granted if the individual’s driving record at the installation is in good standing, not subject to suspension or revocation, and the individual provides proof that they attempted to renew their license, and confirmed that service is not available while overseas.

  • Provide a memorandum from unit’s First Sergeant (supervisor if civilian/contractor) stating the license was lost, stolen, or revoked
  • Motorcycle endorsement letter (ORA from 18 WG/Safety) required if getting a motorcycle permit
  • Orders/LOE stating your DEROS (We DO NOT use the date on your common access card)
  • Valid state side Driver’s License/Certificate from Schilling Center (MUST BE ON PERSON AT ALL TIMES WHEN DRIVING)
  • Receipt from drivers class at the Schilling Center
  • Sponsors orders/LOE
  • Dependent ID
  • Kadena Disciplinary Action Program (KDAP) Letter -- Bldg 99 634-2729/5148
  • Once class is passed, bring certificate along with the above documents to receive On Base Learners Permit
  • Student must be present    

Restricted Area Badge (RAB)

There are several types of Restricted Area Badges (RABs). Each badge is tied to an individual person and is required when entering certain areas within buildings, the flightline or munitions storage areas. For information and forms, check the below links and select the option best suited for you.

  • CAC
  • Hand carried AF Form 2586, also must be signed by Security Manager
  • 3 duty days prior to final out
  • Hand carried signed AF Form 2586 or Lost AF Form 2586 Memo
  • RAB in hand


  • Hand carried newly signed AF Form 2586 
  • Hand carried old AF Form 2586 for your old RAB
  • Old RAB


  • New & Old AF Form 2586 hand carried
  • Mutilated/Old RAB
  • CAC
  • Individuals will need to fill out AF Form 1168 (Statement) at BLDG 705 (Security Forces Squadron)
  • Unit Security Manager and individual must fill out a "Lost Restricted Area Badge" Memorandum for lost or stolen badges
  • Hand carried new and old AF Form 2586
  • If a missing RAB is found, turn in to Pass and Registration


***DBIDS Cards will not be issued to personnel with base access credentials (i.e. Common Access Card, Dependent ID)***

Pass requests must be submitted electronically through our org box

Ensure when submitting the pass digitally, you consolidate all attachments into one PDF file except the Individual Information Sheet (Excel).

Your email should consist of one PDF file (required documents 1-3 below) and one EXCEL file (document 4 below).  Only one base pass request per email.

Required Documents

  1. DBIDS Card Application

2.  Koseki Shohon (Japan Family Register) ​

  • For Japanese Citizens 
  • Must be issued within 6 months
  • The Pass & Registration section must be able to verify place of birth for all requests 
  1. Copy of Identification
  • Japanese Citizens: Japanese driver’s license, My Number Card or Japanese Passport
  • Non-Japanese Citizens: Passport and Japan Residence Card (Must have a Work Permit) 
  • Include names in English and Date of Birth above required documents
  1. Individual Information Sheet

Contact Us

Located at:
Bldg. 31 (Kadena AB Gate 1)
Please direct to:
DSN: 315-634-3437
HOURS: Mon-Fri 0730-1600
Closed at 12:00 the last Thursday of the month for training.
Closed all Federal Holidays and most Family Days. Please call to verify availability on Family Days.
Please direct to:
DSN: 315-634-2604
HOURS: Mon-Fri 0730-1500
Closed all Federal Holidays

Privacy Act Statement

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