About the JOTRC Airspace

The Joint Okinawa Training Range Complex (JOTRC) consists of Open Ocean, Off, Onshore airspace and range areas geographically situated on and around the island of Okinawa. 

JOTRC users include stationed and transiting USFJ and JSDF units in Okinawa. The goal of the JOTRC is to support training and operational requirements for military stakeholders, accommodate training needs (when mission requirements permit), maintenance check flights and aerial surveying needs of the civil flying community.

The Joint Okinawa Scheduling Cell (JOSC) serves as the U.S. Forces Japan representative for airspace management and scheduling within the JOTRC. The JOSC is the DoD/MoD focal point and central clearinghouse for all Special Use Airspace (SUA) / Warning Area matters that pertain to any DoD/MoD airspace-related activity in the AOR.

The JOSC utilizes the Digital Collection and Scheduling Tool (DCAST) as the primary method for scheduling sea, air and land space within confines of the JOTRC. Detailed information on airspace/range procedures, as well as supporting agreements and documents can be found on the DCAST Okinawa Information Site.

DCAST login accounts are DoD CAC enabled, please contact the JOSC for account requests.

The JOSC also maintains a SharePoint information site. Please contact the JOSC for access.

JOSC Contact Information

Joint Okinawa Scheduling Cell (JOSC):
Email:  18oss_osojosc@us.af.mil            
Phone: DSN 634-4599, 4797 or 4360
Duty:   +81 80-6481-1559
Joint Okinawa Scheduling Cell
​18th Operations Support Squadron
Kadena Air Force Base
Unit 5177 Box 10
APO, AP 96368

The Okinawa DoD Aviation Liaison and Air Traffic Manager (ARC ATM) is the single point of contact for DoD aviation airspace requirements to request temporary airspace requirements not included in the JOTRC design, or to initiate airspace actions for permanent modifications/additions to the JOTRC design. 
Email:  18oss.ola.18wgairspace@us.af.mil
Phone: DSN 634-4677 or 4647
Comm: +81 80-6481-1544