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18th Wing Commander declares Salvia off-limits to Kadena personnel

  • Published
  • By Beth Gosselin
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs
Brig. Gen. Brett Williams, 18th Wing commander, signed a general order Jan. 22, officially banning the use of Salvia Divinorum for all military members assigned to Kadena Air Base including those assigned to tenant organizations and facilities under the control of the 18th Wing.

Salvia Divinorum is an herb that causes hallucinations, changes in perception and other psychological and physical effects. In large doses, it can cause unconsciousness and short term memory loss. The ingredient in Salvia Divinorum thought to be responsible for the psychoactive effects is salvinorin A.

Japan added salvinorin A to its list of controlled substances in 2007 and any person caught using it for other than prescribed medicinal purposes may face five years in jail and a 5 million yen fine.

Based on significant health risks and negative impact to the mission, General Williams declared any military member assigned to Kadena caught consuming this herb in any form is in violation of Article 92, Uniform Code of Military Justice, and may face discipline and administrative action, including loss of security clearance, demotion or discharge from the Air Force.

To see General Order Number 4, click here.