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F-22As scheduled to deploy to Kadena

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  • 18th Wing Public Affairs
The U.S. Air Force is scheduled to deploy 12 F-22A Raptors to Kadena Air Base in January 2009 for approximately three months in support of U.S. Pacific Command's security obligations in the Western Pacific.

These deployments underscore the U.S. commitment to Japan as a vital regional partner and signal U.S. resolve to ensure stability and security throughout the Pacific region.

The aircraft, along with about 250 personnel, will deploy from Langley Air Force Base, Virginia and are part of the 27th Fighter Squadron. This is the second deployment of Langley-based F-22s to Kadena, the first one occurring in February 2007.

The F-22A is a transformational combat aircraft that can avoid enemy detection, cruise at supersonic speeds, is highly maneuverable, and provides the joint force an unprecedented level of integrated situational awareness.

As part of continuing force posture adjustments to address worldwide requirements, the United States continues to deploy additional forces throughout the Western Pacific. In addition to the F-22As deploying to Kadena, another 12 will deploy to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, from Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.

While training at Kadena, the F-22As will fully observe all 18th Wing noise abatement measures, including established quiet hours. For operational security reasons, the exact scheduled arrival dates will not be announced until next month.