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Typhoon Preparation Tips

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There are some simple but important steps that Airmen and their families should take in preparation for typhoon season. Most importantly, families should have an emergency kit that contains the following items at a minimum:

- Flashlight with extra batteries
- Bottled Water (3 days worth - 1 gallon per person per day)
- Non-perishable packaged or canned food / juices
- Foods for infants or the elderly
- Snack foods
- Non-electric can opener
- Cooking tools / fuel
- Paper plates / plastic utensils
- First-Aid supplies, Prescriptions
- Battery powered radio (AFN)
- Pet care items
- Towels, rags, and mops

When a typhoon is imminent, all personnel should
- Fill bathtubs with water
- Turn refrigerators/freezers to highest setting
- Secure loose outdoor objects or store them indoors
- Play sets, bicycles, and other toys
- Grills
- Trampolines
- Storage sheds
- Tables & chairs
- Trash & recycling containers
- Store bulk trash items indoors if contractor has not picked up by TCCOR 2
- Secure & lock all exterior doors and windows
- Sandbag base of doors - self-help sand bags may be picked up at Eagle Hardware for base housing residents
- Fuel your vehicles
- Park vehicles in an area least prone to falling tree limbs and flooding