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Pumping iron

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Nestor Cruz
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs
Men, women, Airmen, Marines and Okinawans flexed their muscles at the Risner fitness center May 10 to find out who was the best of the best during the 18th Services Squadron-sponsored Bench Press Competition. 

Competitors bench-pressed for three rounds before entering a final round. Rather than seeing who can press the most weight, points were calculated using the Schwartz/Malone formula, a standardized formula for bench press competitions. 

"The formula is based on how much weight is lifted in relation to a person's body weight," said Tech. Sgt. Anthony Long, 18th SVS fitness manager who organized the event. "So, the bigger folks won't necessarily win the competition." 

Haruhiko Ikehara, Okinawa City Office park maintenance, claimed the top spot in the men's competition with 330 pounds bench pressed. A Kadena Air Base employee invited Mr. Ikehara to compete. 

"I like competing in events like this," Mr. Ikehara said. "I'm very happy I won first place and I will train more and lift harder to prepare for the next competition." 

Marques Wells, 3/12 Headquarters, Camp Hansen, took second place in the competition while Michael Dijak, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, came in third. 

Hirono Arihama, a contract worker assigned to Camp Foster, dominated the women's competition by bench pressing 175 pounds. 

Marquita Warren, 18th SVS, took home second place and Annie Purris, 718th Civil Engineer Squadron, rounded out the women's top three. 

"I wasn't sure I could compete in something like this, but I wanted to give it a try to see how I would do," Warren said. "I feel really good with how I did today. Working out gives me energy and I'll continue to live a healthy lifestyle."