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Game On: Kadena prepares to start ORI

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christopher A. Marasky
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs
Members of the Pacific Air Forces Inspector General team began arriving here at Kadena this week in preparation for next week's Operational Readiness Inspection.

The ORI will test Team Kadena's ability to mobilize forces for deployment, generate combat aircraft and conduct operations from Kadena under simulated wartime conditions. 

The 18th Wing has been preparing for the ORI for the past eight months by conducting local operational readiness exercises nearly once a month. As the base finishes its final preparations, the 18th Wing commander stressed the importance of having the right frame of mind heading into next week. 

"I think the biggest thing we can do now is think about attitude," said Brig. Gen. Brett Williams. "Everyone knows their job by now, and clearly attitude is going to make the difference." 

The ORI will allow members of Team Kadena to show their abilities to the PACAF Inspector General, as well as others who may be watching and wondering just how ready the wing is, said General Williams. 

"We're going to show our boss, General Chandler, PACAF commander, that our wing is combat ready and can execute the mission tomorrow," he said. "I think just as important, or maybe more important, is to demonstrate to ourselves that we are as good as we think we are and have that validated by an independent team of inspectors. 

Over the past eight months, the 18th Wing has refined its processes and capabilities, preparing for the road ahead according to Lt. Col. David Schmidt, 18th Wing inspector general. 

"We have seen vast improvements in all of our processes," he said. "With the hard work put forth these last few months, we will succeed and set a new standard for excellence." 

As the Kadena prepares for the ORI to kick off, General Williams extended his thanks to the families that have supported 18th Wing Airmen over the past eight months. 

"There are about 25,000 people on Kadena every day and it's taken the support of all of them to prepare for this inspection," he said. "In particular I'd like to thank the spouses,
families and friends that have supported us. It's also important to recognize our U.S. and Japanese civilian work force that has helped keep our day-to-day mission on track while we have been exercising and preparing for this inspection. 

"These inspections have been challenging, particularly the one in January that came literally one day after the holiday period," said General Williams. "Without the support we've had from our spouses, families and civilians, there's no way we could be where we are now." 

The general also expressed his appreciation for the work that members of the 18th Wing have put into preparing for this inspection, and reiterated his excitement about the opportunity to show what Kadena is capable of. 

"I will say that regardless of what the results are, I'm very proud of where we started and where we are today," he said. "I'm extremely proud of the work that's been done out there, and I look forward to the PACAF IG leaving with a great impression of our