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Period of Reflection ends, curfew implemented

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Lt. Gen. Richard C. Zilmer, the Okinawa Area Coordinator and senior U.S. military commander on Okinawa, met with senior military and civilian leaders from all the services March 3 to evaluate the effects and impacts of the "Period of Reflection." During the past two weeks, leaders from each of the military services have reviewed the procedures and orders that govern the discipline and conduct of all U.S. service members serving in Okinawa.
The review is ongoing and U.S. military and Japanese officials will continue to discuss ways to work together toward the common goal of reducing off-base misconduct by SOFA-status members. All military units and installations in Japan have recently conducted education and training that reinforces and encourages the high standards of professionalism and conduct expected of U.S. forces living in Japan. 

To capitalize on these efforts and to allow for further discussions between all parties, General Zilmer has decided the "Period of Reflection" has concluded and that a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew will be implemented immediately for all service members. There are no limitations, restrictions or curfew for civilians or family members. 

"The curfew, coupled with ongoing cooperative initiatives with our Japanese hosts at the national and local level, will offer the best atmosphere for our service members, family members and civilian employees while reducing the possibility and risk of misconduct," said General Zilmer. 

Effective immediately, during curfew hours service members are limited to U.S. military installations or the off-base residences of SOFA status personnel. During curfew hours, service members are authorized to transit between U.S. military installations or off-base residences of SOFA status personnel via privately owned vehicle, military supported transportation, or commercial taxi. 

At Kadena, none of the movement authorizations associated with the curfew period override the restrictions in the base Liberty Card program. Thus Blue Card holders may make authorized movements before midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends. Liberty Card restrictions remain in effect after these hours. Silver Card holders may make authorized movements throughout the curfew period. 

In addition, service members are restricted from consuming alcohol off-base, except within the confines of the off-base residences of SOFA status personnel. There are no alcohol restrictions for civilians or family members. 

The curfew and alcohol restrictions will be periodically reassessed by senior service leaders. 

There are no restrictions to alcohol consumption aboard any U.S. base or installation. 

"As we begin to venture outside our gates, I remind all of you that we are guests in Japan and must represent our Nation with the utmost pride, professionalism and respect for our hosts. I know the overwhelming majority of you are great ambassadors of America and will strive to reinvigorate the great relationship we have with our Japanese neighbors," Lt. Gen. Zilmer said. "Please look out for one another."