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Shoguns continue final preparations for ORI

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christopher A. Marasky
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs
Next week the Pacific Air Forces Inspector General team will begin arriving here for the Kadena Air Base Operational Readiness Inspection, scheduled to officially begin March 10. 

Team Kadena Members have spent the past eight months preparing for this upcoming inspection by conducting local operational readiness exercises roughly every six weeks. 

The repeated exercises have helped Airmen hone their skills conducting the mission under simulated wartime conditions, something they have greatly improved upon, said Lt. Col. David Schmidt, 18th Wing Inspector General. 

"We are exceptionally well prepared," he said. "We have seen vast improvements in all of our processes throughout these exercises, and we are ready." 

There are still a number of items that will need to be double checked before the ORI kicks off. 

"People need to make sure their equipment is ready," said Colonel Schmidt. "They need to make sure everything is marked properly and inspected." 

"They also need to double check their mobility requirements," he said. "Make sure that they are up to date on shots, getting their physical, weapons training and things of that sort." 

Another important aspect of heading into the inspection, according to Colonel Schmidt, is that people have the proper attitude. 

"Kadena warriors have done well across the spectrum in our LOREs," he said. "We need to maintain our focus giving maximum effort at all times and attacking the problems put before us." 

Attitude will be a major factor says Brig. Gen. Brett Williams, 18th Wing commander.
"I see a combination of a little fatigue, some anticipation, and a lot of desire to get this done throughout the wing," he said. "I think the biggest thing we can do now is focus on attitude. Everyone knows their job, and clearly attitude is going to make the difference," said General Williams. 

The ORI is more than just an inspection, said Colonel Schmidt, it's an opportunity for the men and women of Team Kadena to show their skills. 

"This is one week to show what kind of warriors we are," he said. "It is our chance to show a group of visitors and any enemy that may be watching just how combat ready we are as an organization. 

"You only get this opportunity to shine a few times in your career so make the most of it," he said. "Stay positive, stay focused, and show that the Shoguns of the 18th Wing are ready."