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Kadena Airmen selected for master sergeant

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  • By 18th Wing Public Affairs
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs
Congratulations to more than 100 Team Kadena Airmen selected for promotion to the rank of master sergeant May 23.

More than 3,800 technical sergeants across the Air Force were selected, representing 18.71 percent of the 20,528 eligible.

The average score for those selected was 350.21. Selectees' average time in grade is 4.38 years and time in service is 15.27. The average enlisted performance report score is 133.85, and 11.02 is the average decorations score. The average promotion fitness examination score is 82.76 and the average specialty knowledge test score is 68.43.

Team Kadena technical sergeants selected for promotion to master sergeant are:
Timothy P. Acord,18th Munitions Squadron
Joshua P. Alvarez, 18th Equipment Maintenance  Squadron
Derek P. Anderson, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
Jason L. Anderson, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Luis E. Angulo, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
Jon P. Aubert, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Maison B. Babiera, 18th Medical Support Squadron
Christopher D. Baker, 18th Maintenance Group
Jermaine L. Baker, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Olivia A. Barnes, 18th Wing
Anita P. Bostic, 18th Force Support Squadron
Shannon M. Bowman, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
John W. Brush, 18th Maintenance Group
Cecille A. Caldejon, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Kory A. Cardona, 18th Wing
Errol K. Catanes, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Mathew J. Chambers, 33rd Rescue Squadron
Kevin T. Chellis,  18th Wing
Lakesha R. Cole, 353rd Special Operations Group
Kendra M. Coleman, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Sean E. Courtois, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Anthony D. Cox, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Griselda Z. Criddell, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Richard A. Crom, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Carmen D. Ellis, 18th Dental Squadron
Joshua J. Engel,  718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Martin C. Faulkner, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Timothy E. Ferguson, 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron
Michael Q. Finney, 18th Operations Support Squadron
John D. Firlik, 18th Communications Squadron
Thomas G. Fleming, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Marie E. Gagnier, 718th Civil Engineer Squadron
Shawn M. Gilman, 18th Medical Operations Squadron
Shawntina A. Graham, 18th Force Support Squadron
Edward J. Grant, 18th Security Forces Squadron
David A. Gustafson, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Buddy L. Hakala, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Raquel T. Hall, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Arkelia F. Hamlet, 18th Dental Squadron
Anglea A. Hansen, 18th Medical Operations Squadron
Daniel M. Hawkins, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
John J. Hegarty, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Sammy L. Hicks, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jason W. Hill, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Russell S. Hoffman, 18th Maintenance Group
David W. Hollars, 18th Communications Squadron
Chad S.  Holloway, 909th Air Refueling Squadron
Warner R. Houston, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Alleem A. Humber, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jason D. Humes, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
Jason T. Ikeda, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Jeffrey A. Klein,  18th Operations Support Squadron
Amos E. Kleinwolterink, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Timothy R. Kuemerle, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Joshua W. Lacey, 18th Component Maintenance  Squadron
Sherresa D. Lasseter, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Steven O. Lawrence, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Anthony J. Lenczowski, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Thomas E. Livengood, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Seth O.  Lujan, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Michael J. Lydko, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Derek D. Madlener, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Robert P. Marcy, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Luis H. Marrero, 18th Maintenance Group
Butch A. McCarty, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jermaine A. McCrea, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Dennis M. McIvor, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Kevin L. McKee, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kirk W. Miles, 18th Operations Support Squadron
David A. Miller, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Dendouang Moungsiharat, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Paula L. Moungsiharat, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
Leeann N. Mullins, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Jessica D. Murphy, 18th Wing
Kahlila B. Mutidi, 18th Civil Engineer Group
Rachel A. Newman, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Elliott D. Norris, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Richard M. Northrup, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Luis M. Nunez, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Billy J. Parham, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Adrianne I. Paul, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Audrion C. Paul, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Tijuana S. Perry, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
April A. Pham, 18th Force Support Squadron
Teddy F. Poole, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Nakoma S. Pratt, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Jeremiah G. Putnam, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Adam G. Rains, 18th Force Support Squadron
Matthew A. Reihle, 718th Aircraft Maintenance  Squadron
Rodney S. Retialoross, 18th Maintenance Group
Tyrell O. Samifua, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Keith E. Shaff, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Maurice R. Shankles, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Jarod S. Singer, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Andrew R. Smith, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
Charrissa L. Smith, 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Jamie P. Smith, 31st Rescue Squadron
Ryan B.  Stout, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Lauren K. Strike, 18th Wing
Chad E.  Tillery, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Asia P. Tucker, 18th Medical Support Squadron
Patrick D. Vantatenhove, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Chastity D. Varner, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Adam E. Vaughan, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Jedediah D. Venable, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Andrew A. Veseth, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Jacob S. Villavicencio, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Christopher B. Ward, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Justin C. Warner, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Angela M. Warren, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Tori B. Watkins, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Darren L. Wells, 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron
Kelly C. Wilson, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Lordell D. Wilson, 353rd Special Operations Group
Michael R. Wilson, 1st Special Operations Squadron
Jack D. Wrobel, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Richard L. Wynn, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron