Amity – purposeful connections

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Jazmine Miller
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs

Have you ever asked yourself some of the following questions? ‘How do I get plugged in? Who can I turn to for advice? How do I grow in my career field … My life as a woman?’


Over the last year, these have been some trending questions posed from airmen I’ve met at First Term Airman Center or in casual conversation. Hearing these questions and living in the climate with the highest suicide rate and in my own loneliness, I thought to myself, ‘How can I help myself and help the young women in their growth and thirst to be better?’  


After thinking of the many disconnects I was experiencing, I pondered how I could create change at my level. I spoke with a mentor on my thoughts and wants and he suggested I speak with my commander.


Upon meeting with my commander, he recommended I meet with my squadron chiefs. My meeting with the chiefs blossomed into two ideas merging into its very own committee.


The chiefs had been working on growing a Lean-In chapter at Kadena Air Base, which is a mentorship program dedicated to women’s development in the workplace. Pairing that with my idea of purposeful connections amongst women on base, Chief Master Sgt. Kristy Korchak-Campbell and I invented Amity with Kadena Air Base Lean-In Chapter – a mentorship program that establishes social connections within the military community promoting healthy relationships and support systems while providing personal and professional development for women, both military and civilian.


Amity is a group that supports women in every aspect of life. With quarterly meetings, weekly mixers and daily connection through our Facebook group, Amity’s goal is to offer fellowship and mentorship to women of all ages, while uplifting them to create a platform where ideas, experiences and life can be shared. There’s no topic untouched in this group of empowered women.


Through Amity, we fellowship and come together while learning to support one another and being mentored in all areas of our lives; from careers, motherhood, dating, to being a better person. The combination of personal connections coupled with professional development is a recipe for strong, resilient and connected women directly impacting families and Team Kadena.  


You can’t fail with a strong support system and Amity provides just that!