18th Wing commander offers Critical Days of Summer message

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. James B. Hecker
  • 18th Wing commander
The Air Force's "Safe 'n Sound - All Year Round" safety campaign continues for the Critical Days of Summer, which begin Memorial Day weekend.

Pacific Air Force's goal is zero preventable mishaps.

During the 2012 CDS, the 18th Wing experienced 19 mishaps. The PACAF commander's six directives, reiterated by the 5th Air Force commander, would have prevented these mishaps.

New for 2013 is the transition of Operational Risk Management to Risk Management. The intent is to apply Risk Management to all facets of on- and off-duty activities, not just operations.

Historically, Kadena has had its share of fatalities or serious injuries on and off duty. I charge each of you with applying Deliberate Risk Management (ID, Assess, Decide, Implement, Evaluate) before you leave your house or the work center to reduce or eliminate foreseeable risk. If an unforeseen risk emerges, apply Real-Time Risk Management (Assess, Balance, Communicate, Decide & Debrief) to effectively mitigate the risk.

Below are activities with historic mishap increases during the Critical Days of Summer:

Driving (Car or Motorcycle)
Sports and Recreation
Water Activities

On May 20, "Street Smart" will be presented at the Keystone Theater to kick-off the Critical Days of Summer campaign. Although, the focus is driving safety and the consequences of distracted driving, it demonstrates failures in Risk Management. Additionally, it highlights failures in the Wingman concept because someone at any point could have broken the mishap chain.

Enjoy the time with loved ones -- safely!