KLI internship builds vocabulary, friendships

  • Published
  • By Minayo Tsuhako
  • Kadena Language Institute sophomore & 18th Wing Public Affairs intern
I've been to U.S. military bases many times before, but this was the first time I had an opportunity to work with military members on base.

I was nervous doing everything at first, but everyone was very kind to me so I got used to working there quickly. I worked at the 18th Wing Public Affairs office as one of the nine interns from Kadena Language Institute. I was able to broaden my outlook, conduct interviews and to take pictures for this story.

I did all kinds of work during my four-week internship. I visited my classmate's workplaces and took pictures of them working hard. Then, I was an interpreter for the 18th Wing Honorary Commanders orientation. I was shy to be in front of people, but I had fun. I also attended office meetings. It was hard for me to catch every word but listening really helped with my English.

I was able to visit the Armed Forces Network station with broadcasters from the PA office. Luckily, I observed the radio studio and camera training at AFN. It was so exciting. I also got the opportunity to write this story so I am very happy to have had such precious experiences.

During my time here on base, I realized that people have good communication skills and try to cooperate with each other in the workplace. Here on base, it is a great working environment. I thought that I should take this custom because I want to be able to work with flexibility by having good communication skills in the future.

In the end, I was able to learn not only English, but also professional work. I had a great four weeks. I appreciate the people who have helped and supported me kindly during my internship.