Veterans – Ambassadors for Life

  • Published
  • By Gen. Paul V. Hester
  • PACAF commander
This past summer we dedicated the Atterbury Memorial Park and Pacific Legacy Pathway on Hickam Air Force Base as a tribute to the many Pacific Airmen who graced these skies over the last 90 years. As we celebrate Veterans Day, we honor not only the contributions of those enshrined throughout this memorial but also the contributions that you make every time you put on the Air Force blue - your actions go far beyond the day-to-day mission.

In fact, a veteran's job continues as you carry our message into businesses, communities, and living rooms of every U.S. citizen. Veterans tell the story that we see everyday, that this Nation's men and women in uniform are the warriors that guard our freedoms. Today we recognize this unwavering service and thank them - thank you - for remaining our staunchest advocates.

Veterans Day is as much about the mighty Airmen of the past like Kenney, Arnold, and Doolittle as it is about the wingman that may have recently stood next to you in battle. Regardless of when, all who served, whether it was a waist gunner on a B-24 flying over the South Pacific, a C-17 loadmaster delivering life saving supplies to Southeast Asia, or the countless other Airmen who excel in everything that they do, all are veterans whom we honor on this special day.

Please, take the time to thank those proud American veterans who answered our Nation's call ... who embraced self-sacrifice ... who continue to tell the GREAT story that is The American Veteran.

I am humbled to serve with you.