Great job Kadena

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Brett Williams
  • 18th Wing commander
I've been in command for six weeks now and am continually impressed by the teamwork I see across the base. While the 18th Wing is the core of Team Kadena, it is only 5,500 people; it takes the other active duty members, civilians, host nationals and family members totaling almost 25,000 to make the base run as well as it does. 

The response to Typhoon Man-Yi last week was a perfect example of the teamwork you all exhibit every day. Everyone used excellent risk management in the response. The mission continued as long as possible then the base was buttoned up just in time.
After it passed, the recovery was conducted in record-setting time and we were back on track by Sunday. That day we sent an advance team to Misawa Air Base, Japan, for the weeklong aircrew training relocation exercise followed the next day by five F-15Cs, who are training with Air Force F-16s and Japanese Air Self-Defense Force F-4s. 

While our response to this typhoon was a win, don't let your guard down. There will be more storms to come. However, I am very confident with the teamwork we display on this base day-to-day we can handle anything we are faced with. 

Thank you for the hard work you do to accomplish the mission of Team Kadena.
Warriors - Trained and Ready.