A message from the PACAF commander

  • Published
  • By Gen. Herbert J. Carlisle
  • Commander, U.S. Pacific Air Forces
Fellow Airmen,

We face very challenging times as we navigate the effects of a partial government shutdown, which has furloughed many of our civilian Airmen, and the initial impacts of sequestration. The outlook for next several fiscal years will demand the most out of every Airmen, dollar and program. These challenges have affected each of us in unique ways, and those ways could affect our essential performance in defending the Nation.

If ever there was a time we need leadership, it is right now ... at all levels. We must keep focused on the mission, remain heads-up and move forward with integrity, character, and bold leadership. Maintaining stability and security throughout the Asia Pacific region is our responsibility, one we will continue to carry out with excellence.

Now more than ever, we must continue to be mutually supportive Resilient Airmen, recognizing the shared burden of our Airmen and military families. To the Airmen who are experiencing furlough, the break in employment I know feels like a breach of faith, and I sincerely apologize for the hardships that you've endured this year and that continue at this very moment. You are critical to our mission and your absence is certainly felt throughout the command.

PACAF Resilient Airmen, your dedication and professionalism continue to amaze me. You are, and will continue to be, our asymmetric advantage. You are the reason we are still the greatest fighting force in world. Thank you and your families for your continued sacrifice and selfless service to our Nation.