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Category: 18th Wing History Features
  • The 67th: 75 years of heritage, innovation and family

    Celebrating 75 years of heritage, the 67th Fighter Squadron is more than a single squadron; it is an all-encompassing family.According to Lt. Col. James McFarland, 67th FS commander, the unit is made up of some of the best men and women of the 18th Wing and F-15 Eagle community. Activated at Selfridge Air Field, Michigan, Jan. 15, 1941, not only
  • Battle of Iwo Jima approaches 70

    The year was 1945 and war was waging in the Pacific.More than 20,000 Japanese soldiers inhabited a small volcanic island about 750 miles south of mainland Japan, known as Iwo Jima. Its strategic location and two airfields was an invaluable asset needed by the Allied forces to help end World War II.Under American control, Iwo Jima's airfields would
  • Kadena Airmen visit Iwo To

    A clump of damp sand is gripped in the hands of an Airman on the coast of Iwo To island. He places it into a Ziploc bag for safekeeping. It will forever be a reminder of a historic battle  fought on these grounds, once known as Iwo Jima.About a dozen others are doing the same. They are Airmen from Kadena Air Base, Japan, and they scaled to the top