Taking charge: Staff Sgt. Chobert Wright

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kasey Zickmund
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs
When it comes to doing more with less Staff Sgt. Chobert Wright, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron, assistant support section chief, knows what he is talking about.

Sergeant Wright stepped up and took control of his section to accomplish the mission when it was only 40 percent manned. He and his co-workers maintain and supply tools to those working on the F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft.

"Without us, they won't fly," said Sergeant Wright. "We are the ones supplying and maintaining the tools for those turning wrenches and getting their hands dirty to make sure that we have the air power the Air Force requires."

This Akron, Ohio, native started his military as an infantry soldier. After three years in the infantry he decided to join the Air Force.

"The Army and Air Force both have their good points," said Sergeant Wright. "But the Air Force is more family oriented and makes my family feel like they are part of the mission."
Sergeant Wright and his wife, Heather, have been married for six years and have three boys, William, 10; Xavier, 5; and Elijah, 3.

Sergeant Wright attributes his determination to his mother - a school teacher.

"My mom is always encouraging me to pursue my goals and dreams," he said. "She has always told me to take in what people say, but not to let that determine who you are as a person.

Sergeant Wright uses her advice both on the job and in his free time.

"She always has an answer when there is a problem," he said.

While in Okinawa, Sergeant Wright has visited many places and is currently pursing a bachelor's degree in criminal science. One day he hopes to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of an anti-terrorism team.

Editor's Note: Sergeant Wright is the Warrior of Week from the 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron.