733rd AMS: The combat readiness flight

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Zackary A. Henry
  • 18th Wing/Public Affiars
(Editor's note: This is the third and final installment of a series on the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron.)

With the responsibility of the entire squadron on their shoulders, the combat readiness flight plays a crucial role in the Kadena and Air Force mission.

The combat readiness flight of the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron is responsible for all of the logistics for the entire squadron's Airmen, which includes all of the training, deployments, vehicle control and more.

Due to the 733rd AMS's size, the combat readiness flight is essential to their mission. They are in charge of everything from building updates, to ensuring the Airmen progress through their career development courses.

Master Sgt. Michael Garron, 733rd AMS combat readiness superintendent, oversees the unit deployment manager, a squadron budget of over $3 million, 33 different facilities, over 150 vehicles and almost 300 squadron personnel.

"We are responsible for all of the commander's programs as well as resources, budget, our own communications folks, training, vehicle program, outside agency agreements and squadron inspection program," said Garron. "We cover everything except basically the flight line piece of the squadron."

The combat readiness flight is also responsible for getting contracts for maintenance throughout the squadron, such as typhoon damages, building updates like the terminal update that is in the works and building maintenance throughout said Garron.

Garron also oversees detachments in the Philippines and U-tapao Royal Thai Naval Base in Thailand. The 733rd AMS combat readiness flight serves as the point of contact for all of these detachments as well as other official agencies.

As part of their mostly self-sufficient operations, there is also a communications flight within the 733rd AMS that handles any computer and network related issues. This includes the flight information in the PAX terminal and the system they use to track the flights and space available flights.

The one who oversees everything though, is Mauri Rogers, 733rd AMS flight commander.

"We are really the central hub for the whole squadron," said Rogers. "We have a big responsibility."

With the 733rd AMS combat readiness flight there to take care of their Airmen, they stay prepared for anything at all times.

"We take care of the Airmen in the 733rd AMS," said Rogers. "So they can take care of the mission."