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  • U.S Forces Conduct Joint Airborne Readiness Training

    U.S. Forces conducted joint airborne readiness training by the name of Operation Gryphon Jet. This operation allows for better efficiency and joint training between multiple units. Backside support and airlift requirements for multiple units can be burdensome, so combining these efforts creates a

  • At The Break Of Dawn

    U.S. Air Force Airmen from the 320th Special Tactics Squadron at Kadena Air Base, Japan, parachute into the Pacific Ocean at dawn Nov. 22, 2016, off the western coast Okinawa, Japan. The 320th STS Airmen train to operate in adverse conditions at sea or overland to accomplish their mission. (U.S. Air

  • Last to let you down

    Aircrew flight equipment Airmen from the 31st Rescue Squadron ensured their charges had a safe landing during their water landing training scenario off the coast of Okinawa.

  • Rigger Up!

    Beads of sweat run down his forehead as he squeezes out every last cubic millimeter of air from a parachute and folds it into a bag no larger than a basic tool box, checking each step to ensure strict compliance to safety standards.After several hours of assembly and safety checks, pararescuemen of