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  • Child Care Options

    Extended Duty Care (EDC) - Offers free additional care hours during the day, night or weekend as you fulfill your extra duty requirements. When you need care beyond the regular 50-hour per week child care arrangements such as working late, working on the weekends, base exercises, temporary shift change, deployments, EDC is available at no charge.
  • 18 Civil Engineer Group

    18th Civil Engineer Group  The 18th Civil Engineer Group is the largest civil engineer unit in the Air Force. It is comprised of two squadrons, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron and 718th Civil Engineer Squadron, totaling more than 450 military, and 1,000 civilians and local nationals. The base support performed by the 18th CEG includes explosive
  • 18 Medical Group

    The 18th Medical Group, the Air Force's largest freestanding ambulatory clinic in terms of assigned members 534, provides extensive medical, dental and support services to Kadena and other Department of Defense members on Okinawa. More than 77 medical and dental providers care for nearly 592 patients each day. Services include family practice,
  • 18th Maintenance Group

    The 18th Maintenance Group, with its five squadrons, maintains combat-ready aircraft to support air operation taskings directed by Commander Pacific Command through Pacific Air Forces and Fifth Air Force. The group manages more than $6 billion in resources, including 54 F-15 Eagle, 15 KC-135 Stratotanker, 2 E-3 Sentry and 9 HH-60 Pave Hawk
  • 18th Mission Support Group

    The 18th Mission Support Group (MSG) provides combat support for Pacific Air Force's largest installation with 18th Wing and tenant units, $6 billion in assets and more than 12,500 acres. The 18th MSG is the largest in the Air Force with a direct budget of $10 million, service revenues of $60 million. The Group offers security, services,
  • 18th Operations Group

    18th Operations Group The 18th Operations Group manages the flight activities of Kadena Air Base bringing America's airpower to the farthest reaches of the globe with operations that include search and rescue, reconnaissance, special operations and airborne air control. The 18th OG is the largest combat ops group in the Air Force with eight
  • 18th Wing

    18th Wing (Pacific Air Forces) As the host unit at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan, the mission of the 18th Wing is to deliver unmatched combat airpower and a forward-staging base to provide sovereign options that promote peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region, ensure the common defense of our allies, and enhance the United States'
  • 18th Wing Environmental Commitment Statement

    Maximizing the 18th Wing's ability to project airpower, provide for the common defense of Japan and to pursue our National interests in the Pacific region requires the protection of our host-nation environment, the safeguarding of natural resources and the preservation of human health. Members of the 18th Wing are responsible for adhering to the 18th Wing Commitment Statement.
  • 18th Wing History

    18th Wing History Tracing its origins to the 1920s, the 18th Wing has the distinction of being the only Air Force wing to have never been based in the continental United States. On Jan. 21, 1927, the War Department, forerunner to the Department of Defense, activated a provisional pursuit group at Wheeler Field, located on what was then the
  • 353rd Special Operations Group

    The 353rd Special Operations Group traces its origins to the 3rd Air Commando Group and the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing.  The 353rd SOG was activated as the 353rd Special Operations Wing at Clark Air Base in the Philippines April 6, 1989.  In 1992 the Air Force radically reorganized in order to drawdown the size of headquarters staffs. During the