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  • Additional Units

    The Navy's Command Fleet Activities Okinawa provide logistic support and services to the U.S. Seventh Fleet's air, surface and subsurface units operating in the Western Pacific. CFAO also provides facilities and support to deployed P-3 Orion patrol squadrons flying sea-lane surveillance missions out of Kadena. Air Force Materiel Command operates
  • After Hours Dental Care

    18th Dental SquadronBldg 626Kadena AB, OkinawaAs of June 4, 2010After Hours Dental Care/Dental Emergency call: - Dental Officer on Call - Cell Phone: 080-2721-0412- Dental Officer on Call - Pager: 639-2324If you are sent to voicemail during this call, please leave your name and phone number so that we can get back to you promptly. If you are not
  • Air Quality Awareness

    IntroductionDust storms originating in the deserts of central Asia blow across the Korean peninsula and the Sea of Japan. These storms tend to occur in late winter or early spring and are sometimes referred to as Yellow Dust, Yellow Sand, Kosa, Hwangsa, and Dust and Sand Storm (DSS). This dust contains very fine particles with a diameter of 2.5
  • AMC Pet Info

    Click here to see AMC guidance on traveling with pets.PET SHIPMENTS ON THE PATRIOT EXPRESS Eligibility: Pet shipments will be in conjunction with PSC moves Authorized pets are limited to household dogs and cats Pets cannot be left behind and travel unaccompanied Pet reservations are made through your local transportation office Pet Fee: Pet and