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  • 18th Wing History

    18th Wing History Tracing its origins to the 1920s, the 18th Wing has the distinction of being the only Air Force wing to have never been based in the continental United States. On Jan. 21, 1927, the War Department, forerunner to the Department of Defense, activated a provisional pursuit group at Wheeler Field, located on what was then the
  • 353rd Special Operations Group

    The 353rd Special Operations Group traces its origins to the 3rd Air Commando Group and the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing.  The 353rd SOG was activated as the 353rd Special Operations Wing at Clark Air Base in the Philippines April 6, 1989.  In 1992 the Air Force radically reorganized in order to drawdown the size of headquarters staffs. During the
  • 390th Intelligence Squadron

    Air Intelligence Agency's 390th Intelligence Squadron conducts information operations by providing tailored combat intelligence and assessing the security of friendly command, control, communication and computer systems to enhance warfighting survivability, situation awareness and targeting.
  • 5th Air Force

    While the Fifth Air Force traces its roots to the Philippines in the 1940's, U.S. military aviation made its first presence in the region there in March of 1912. Starting with a flight training school near Manila, its presence grew to the establishment of several aero squadrons over the next thirty years. Then, in September of 1941, the Philippine
  • 733rd Air Mobility Squadron

    The more than 320 people of the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron manage all passengers and cargo traveling by air in and out of Kadena. This Air Mobility Command unit supports about 650 aircraft arrivals and departures every month, moving more than 12,000 passengers and nearly 3,000 tons of cargo.
  • 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron

    Air Combat Command's 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron maintains aircraft; prepares combat-ready aircrews; and analyzes, processes, and disseminates intelligence data launch in support of RC-135V/W Rivet Joint, RC-135U Combat Sent and WC-135 Constant Phoenix missions flown in the Pacific Theater. Of special value to the Pacific Command and national
  • 909th Air Refueling Squadron

    The 909 ARS provides KC-135 combat-ready tanker aircrews which provide air refueling support to the Department of Defense and allied partner units.  The squadron’s support enables the execution of tactical, conventional, and peacetime operations as directed by President, Secretary of Defense, and higher headquarters.  Additionally, the 909 ARS are
  • Additional Units

    The Navy's Command Fleet Activities Okinawa provide logistic support and services to the U.S. Seventh Fleet's air, surface and subsurface units operating in the Western Pacific. CFAO also provides facilities and support to deployed P-3 Orion patrol squadrons flying sea-lane surveillance missions out of Kadena. Air Force Materiel Command operates
  • After Hours Dental Care

    18th Dental SquadronBldg 626Kadena AB, OkinawaAs of June 4, 2010After Hours Dental Care/Dental Emergency call: - Dental Officer on Call - Cell Phone: 080-2721-0412- Dental Officer on Call - Pager: 639-2324If you are sent to voicemail during this call, please leave your name and phone number so that we can get back to you promptly. If you are not
  • Air Quality Awareness

    IntroductionDust storms originating in the deserts of central Asia blow across the Korean peninsula and the Sea of Japan. These storms tend to occur in late winter or early spring and are sometimes referred to as Yellow Dust, Yellow Sand, Kosa, Hwangsa, and Dust and Sand Storm (DSS). This dust contains very fine particles with a diameter of 2.5