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  • Department of Defense Dependent Schools

    While on Okinawa, children of military members and children of most command-sponsored civilians may attend Department of Defense Dependents Schools at no cost. Non-command sponsored families of civilian employees and other Status of Forces Agreement employees may be required to pay tuition fees between $5,000 and $12,000 a year, depending upon the
  • DoDEA School Liaison

    The current Air Force Installation Dependent School Liaison (IDSL) on Kadena AB is Stan Cindrity. The IDSL represents the command between department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS), teachers, parents, students and the military community. The school liaison can provide you and your family with information on school transition, registration and
  • Driving on Okinawa

    For information on vehicle registration, and other related processes please click here.Those who want to drive a motor vehicle on Okinawa must first attend Kadena's Drivers' Safety briefing. This briefing is offered every Wednesday at the Schilling Community Center as part of the Newcomers' Orientation. Sign up for Newcomers' Orientation begins at
  • Earthquakes

    Earthquakes are a common occurance at Kadena. The earth's surface is fractured here in the Western Pacific Region and the ground shakes from time to time. Usually, those shakes are too gentle to feel; however, earthquakes can be violent enough to cause damage.Driving during an earthquake: Earthquakes are powerful enough to cause substantial damage
  • Emergency Leave (AMC)

    ---Emergency Leave---  Member's Unit CC Responsible for Granting Emergency Leave  Funded Emergency Leave Granted When:  Death of Immediate Family or Household Member  Member's Presence Would Contribute To Welfare of Dying Member of Household or Immediate Family Member  Serious Illness Resulting In Family Problems That Should Be Met Immediately
  • Emergency Leave and EML

    ---EML---  U.S. PACIFIC COMMAND (USPACOM) UNFUNDED ENVIRONMENTAL AND MORALE LEAVE PROGRAM, USPACOM INST 201.2  DOD 4515.13R, Air Transportation Eligibility  DOD 1327.5R, Leave and Liberty  USPACOM FORM 505/3, UEML Travel Authorization Form  Purpose: To prescribe policy for eligible personnel at designated overseas locations to travel on
  • EML Instructions

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING USPACOM 505/3 EML TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION Section 1 1.a. List all travelers intending to perform EML travel on this authorization. Attach additional sheet if required. 1.b. List passport and SSN for each traveler. If the traveler has not been assigned both a passport number and SSN, either is sufficient. 1.c. For sponsors:
  • Family Child Care (FCC)

    A Family Child Care (FCC) home is a base home approved by the Mission Support Group commander to provide child care services to military families and civilians. The care offered by Kadena's licensed FCC providers is based on current knowledge of child development and early childhood education. Providers offer a nurturing home environment that
  • Household Goods

    Household itemsSince base housing provides most of the larger appliances, including washers, dryers and refrigerators, you will probably only need to ship smaller items such as blenders or toasters. Appliances are also available at the base exchange. Keep in mind houses on Okinawa are much smaller than those you are accustomed to stateside and