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  • Household Goods

    Household itemsSince base housing provides most of the larger appliances, including washers, dryers and refrigerators, you will probably only need to ship smaller items such as blenders or toasters. Appliances are also available at the base exchange. Keep in mind houses on Okinawa are much smaller than those you are accustomed to stateside and
  • Kadena Associate Units

    The 353rd Special Operations Group is an element of the Air Force Special Operations Command, Hurlburt Field , Fla. The 750 Airmen of the group are organized into three flying squadrons, a maintenance squadron, a special tactics squadron and an operations support squadron. Five of the squadrons are located on Kadena, while the 31st Special
  • Kadena history

    Kadena history dates back to just before the April 1945 invasion of Okinawa when a local construction firm completed a small airfield named Yara Hikojo near the village of Kadena. The airfield, used by Japanese warplanes, was one of the first U.S. 10th Army targets and was captured just hours after American troops stormed the island beaches April
  • Language Tips

    One of the first things people new to Kadena discover is that not all Okinawans speak English. Chances are good that you and your family may end up renting a home or apartment next door to a Japanese family. The following words and phrases will help you get to know these neighbors and assist you while you're eating out at local restaurants or
  • Legal Office

    Kadena Legal OfficeBuilding 15DSN: 634-3300HOURS:Walk-in Legal Assistance Hours:Monday & Wednesday 0900 - 1000Thursday 1400 - 1500Power of Attorney & Notary Service:Monday - Friday 0830 - 1600 Wills (By appointment only):Tuesday 1300 - 1400 For those seeking wills, go to the Air Force Legal Assistance Website,
  • Lodging

    Kadena has lodging for incoming members and their families, but reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis. To make reservations, call Kadena Lodging at DSN (315) 632-1010/1050 (commercial: 011-81-6117-32-1010/1050) or fax your name, family size, reservation dates and a copy of orders to DSN (315) 632-1740 (commercial:
  • Making phone calls

    Calling Kadena from the United States: To call an office or residence on Kadena from the United States, simply dial 011-81-6117-XX-XXXX, replacing the Xs with the last six digits of the DSN telephone number. Calling on base: To call on base from off base, people must first access the base switchboard. There are two ways to do this. One way is to
  • Okinawa history

    Okinawa's early history is shadowed by incomplete and sometimes contradictory evidence. Records indicate a series of kings struggling to maintain control over fighting warlords. The Okinawa of old may have resembled medieval Europe. In the 13th Century, the lord of Urasoe, Shunten, rose above the war-hardened chieftains and established a
  • Okinawa information

    Okinawa, the principal island of Okinawa Prefecture's 160 or so islands, is often referred to as the "Keystone of the Pacific" because of its strategic location relative to major Far East cities. Kadena is located about 900 miles from Tokyo, Manila, Seoul and Hong Kong, and about 1,200 miles west of Guam. The island is 67 miles long and varies from
  • Okinawan culture

    The society and customs of Okinawa, like those of its Asian neighbors, have survived thousands of years...lately including significant industrialization and modernization. Although the island has changed over the years from an agrarian and trading culture to a modern business and tourism frontier, Okinawans still maintain many ancestral traditions.