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Household Goods

Household items

Since base housing provides most of the larger appliances, including washers, dryers and refrigerators, you will probably only need to ship smaller items such as blenders or toasters. Appliances are also available at the base exchange. Keep in mind houses on Okinawa are much smaller than those you are accustomed to stateside and storage space is limited.
For those in Military Family Housing (MFH), the Kadena housing office will provide you with furnishings to bridge the gap until you House Hold Good (HHG) items arrive on island. The housing counselor will assist in making the necessary arrangements.

Okinawa is hot and humid throughout most of the year and some on- and many off-base homes are not centrally cooled. Because the cost of electricity in Okinawa is extremely high, fans or air conditioners you ship should be energy efficient.

Other useful appliances are dehumidifiers, an electric blanket for an occasional brisk winter night and energy-conserving space heaters, consider packing these items in your initial HHG shipment if authorized. Electric space heaters equipped with a safety "tip switch" are the only type authorized for use in base housing. No fuel-burning heaters are authorized on base. Since most of the houses are made of concrete, you will find drilling and masonry equipment useful.

Bring along your mail order catalogs, especially if they offer specialty items not normally carried by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

Shipping outdoor furniture is recommended, although AAFES does carry a full contingent of these items. Lawn chairs and barbecue grills are useful during the long summers

Shipping household items

All Air Force members and most Civilian personnel assigned to Kadena AB are authorized full weight allowance. Household goods usually require 50-90 days transit time. Unaccompanied baggage requires 30-60 days. Since both the MFH and off-base housing are significantly smaller than in the United States, you should carefully consider those items your wish to ship. As a reminder, non-temporary storage authorization is available at states side.

Contact your current base transportation management office early to ensure effective planning for shipment. Also, your military personnel flight has information on additional weight allowance for shipping lamps, carpets, and pads as well as air conditioners, dehumidifiers, fans and heaters.

If you are planning to ship leather items, keep in mind the sub-tropical climate here is conducive to mold and mildew growth.

Kadena Transportation Management Office officials strongly recommend you put your firearms into non-temporary storage, since they are not authorized to be shipped in your household goods or unaccompanied baggage (shotguns and rifles can be mailed via parcel post; check with your local U.S. Postal Service office and the 18th Security Forces Squadron Armory at DSN 634-1208 for details).