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EML Instructions


Section 1
1.a. List all travelers intending to perform EML travel on this authorization. Attach additional sheet if required.
1.b. List passport and SSN for each traveler. If the traveler has not been assigned both a passport number and SSN, either is sufficient.
1.c. For sponsors: Enter grade and Service (ex: CAPT/USN or GS-11/DNC (Dept. of Navy Civilian)). For Dependents: Enter dependency status (ex: DEP/WIFE).
1. d. Enter date of birth of dependent children who are traveling on the authorization. 

Section 2. Effective Sign-up date. Effective sign-up date is the date travelers plan to sign-up for EML travel. Sign-up may not occur prior to effective sign-up date. For EML travel authorizations which include sponsor among the travelers, effective sign-up date must conform to paragraph 9b(4) military or 9b(5) civilian of this instruction. 

Section 3 Expiration Date. All EML authorizations are valid for 90 days form effective sign-up date. Sponsor or unit commander or designated approving official must forward requests for extension to USPACOM through respective USPACOM representative/sub-unified commander for approval. 

Section 4 Itinerary. Use point or origin, destinations, and in transit stations listed in enclosures (1) and (2) of this instruction.
4. a. Form: Indicate country from which travel commences.
4.b. To: UEML destination.
First destination not designated intermediate reached is the final for UEML purposes.
4.c. Return to: Same as point of origin.
Note: EML authorizations only authorize travel to the single destination cited. Without regard to witch transiting en route terminals are listed in Section 7b, the EML traveler may stay only at the destination site listed in Section 4b. 

Section 5 Signature of Sponsor. Sponsor will read and sign. However, in cases when the sponsor's unit commander/designating approving official can sign this block. 

Section 6 Date. Date signed by sponsor or for cases cited in paragraph 5 above, unit commander/designated approving official. Date must be the same as or earlier than effective date in Section 2. 

Section 7 Comment as required. 

Section 8 Complete as indicated. 

Section 9 Signature of unit commander or designated approving official.
Note: The USPACOM Form 505/3 provides UEML authorization when sponsor and dependents are traveling together. If dependent (s) and sponsor's name do not appear on the same EML travel authorization, dependents will be processed as if they were unaccompanied and receive a lower space available priority than only a portion of the trip, use only one UEML travel authorization. After separation from the sponsor, original accompanied travel EML authorization is valid for dependent's travel in the unaccompanied priority. 

RESTRICTIONS. Listing of restrictions regarding EML travel is Provided for the traveler's information (back side of form). 

REPRODUCTION OF USPACOM Form 505/3 is authorized by direct copy of computer generation. Computer generated forms must be verbatim, in the same format, and identified with the proper title and document number.