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Department of Defense Dependent Schools

While on Okinawa, children of military members and children of most command-sponsored civilians may attend Department of Defense Dependents Schools at no cost. Non-command sponsored families of civilian employees and other Status of Forces Agreement employees may be required to pay tuition fees between $5,000 and $12,000 a year, depending upon the student's grade level.

Registration in DoDDS should be accomplished immediately upon arrival. Students are assigned to schools based on grade level and quarters assigned. Documents required for registration include: orders or other documentation of eligibility verifying dependents; immunization record and Form DSPA 122.1 issued by a base medical facility verifying that immunizations are current based on shot/medical records provided by the family; student records or address from previous school; passport or birth certificate for students entering school; and child's Social Security number.

Some 9,400 students attend DoDDS schools on Okinawa every year. Seven hundred teachers and administrators provide the highest quality educational programs to these students in eight elementary, two middle and two high schools.

The mission of DoDDS in the Pacific area, is to provide, in partnership with the student, family, and community, an environment as well as opportunities for students to realize their learning potential in all areas of growth and development.

DoDDS provides a variety of educational programs to meet specific needs of students. The "Child Find" seeks out students who have special educational needs; DoDDS offer a full range of learning programs for disabled students ages 3 through 21. Sure Start, a comprehensive approach to early childhood education for "at risk" children, is available at four school locations on Okinawa. The DoDDS kindergarten program provides an atmosphere that stimulates the child's interest in learning more about his or her environment.

In grades one through six, DoDDS begins to focus on individualized instruction. Basic skills in language arts, science, mathematics and social studies form the heart of the academic program.

The middle school focuses on the continued social and academic growth and development of its seventh and eighth grade students and offers an exploratory program that may include home economics, technology education, keyboarding, drama, art, music, foreign language, physical education and computers.

The high school program accommodates specific interests and needs of individuals and groups of students and is based upon the knowledge, skills, and attitudes deemed essential to function effectively in a rapidly changing society. All DoD Okinawa schools have been fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Schools have active Parent Teacher Associations that are affiliated with the National PTA. Local-elected School Advisory Committees participate in governing schools. The Okinawa District Advisory Committee involves all members of the school community in making decisions about school matters.

Four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school are located on Kadena. The high school provides a strong varsity football and basketball program as well as other major sports such as soccer and wrestling.

Facilities within the high school include a large gymnasium, a 50-meter outdoor swimming pool, a football field with a 400-meter track, outdoor lighted basketball and tennis courts, and a soccer field.

The high school offers opportunities for students to participate in student government, school dances, drama clubs, bands, chorus groups, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and many other school-sponsored activities. A booster club provides funds to support academic, athletic and other activities.

The overriding belief of the DoDDS Okinawa School District is "Where Every Student Succeeds." The District makes every effort to provide the best possible educational program to meet the needs of every student.

DoDDS Kadena Air Base

· Bob Hope Primary School, Grades K - 3
· Amelia Earhart Intermediate School, Grades 4 - 6
· Kadena Elementary School, Grades K - 6
· Stearley Heights Elementary, School Grades K - 6
· Kadena Middle School, Grades 7 - 8
· Kadena High School, Grades 9-12

School telephone numbers

· Bob Hope Primary School, 634-0093
· Amelia Earhart Intermediate School, 634-1329
· Kadena Elementary School, 634-1550
· Stearley Heights Elementary School, 634-4523
· Kadena Middle School, 634-0217
· Kadena High School, 634-1216

People trying to call DoDDS schools here using a commercial phone in the United States should call 011-81-611-734 + last four numbers shown above.