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Making phone calls

Calling Kadena from the United States: To call an office or residence on Kadena from the United States, simply dial 011-81-6117-XX-XXXX, replacing the Xs with the last six digits of the DSN telephone number.

Calling on base: To call on base from off base, people must first access the base switchboard. There are two ways to do this. One way is to dial the Kadena base operator at 938-1111, wait for a dial tone, then dial the number you wish to reach, 632/3/4-XXXX. If you don't know the on-base phone number, dial 938-1111 and wait for the operator to assist you.

Calling off base: To call off base from base, first dial the appropriate access code to get connected with the off-base line. For Kadena, that access number is 99, but keep in mind that only select phones are designated for use to an off-base line. After the access code, punch in the off-base phone number you wish to call.

Base-to-base calls: Just dial the seven-digit phone number. If you need operator information, dial 113 for Kadena.

Various public telephones: There are different kinds of public telephones on the island categorized by color. The green and gray phones accept both coins and telephone cards. Those with gold plate on the front panel also have access to international calls. The blue telephones only take telephone cards while the rest accept only coins that will not return chance from unused portions.

Telephone cards: Prepaid cards can be used for domestic or international calls in public telephones. Prices start at 500 yen at many places throughout the base.