Family Health Clinic

Location: 18th Medical Group, Bldg 626, First floor
To make or cancel an appointment call: 630-4817 (landline) or 098-960-4817 (cellphone)
The Kadena Family Health Clinic Appointment Line is open from 7:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday (excluding Federal Holidays, PACAF Family Days and Down Days) and 7:00am-1200pm on training days every 3rd Thursday of the month.  For appointments and for answers to all of your health care questions, please call us at: 630-4817 (landline) or 098-960-4817 (cellphone) choose option '1' and option '1' again.

The Kadena Family Health Clinic is a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) to more than 17,000 Team Kadena members and their families. The clinic's staff of 10 providers and 28 support personnel performs more than 35,000 visits per year.  In keeping with the Medical Home Model, care is by appointment only and every effort is made to have each patient see their personal primary care provider.

The 18th Medical Group does not have the capability to provide emergency care. TRICARE defines an emergency as a medical condition that creates a threat for loss of life, limb, eye-sight, or unrelieved pain as perceived by a "prudent layperson" - someone with a limited knowledge of health and medicine. Some examples of emergency situations are severe bleeding, chest pains, no pulse, severe difficulty or inability to breathe, severe back injury, severe eye injuries, broken bones, etc.  For medical emergencies call 911. Our nearest emergency department is the USNHO (US Naval Hospital in Okinawa) at Camp Foster.

For medical emergencies on Kadena Air Base, please call:
Landline Telephone: 911
Cell Phone: 098-911-1911

Okinawa Clinical Answering Service (OCAS):
If you need to speak to an 18th Medical Group representative after hours and do not face imminent loss of life, limb, or eyesight, please call 630-4817 (landline phone) or  098-960-4817 (cell phone), press option '1' for dedicated advice and instruction.

Telephone Consults:
Telephone consults provide a bridge between the provider, nurse and assigned patients.  A telephone consult is entered when a patient's concern can be addressed by a nurse in consultation with a provider. Please keep in mind that your PCM team has up to 72-hours to respond.

Team A: Capt Curtis Gapinski,  Capt James Cassleman, and Capt Deborah Colon
Team B: Capt Kirk Middleton, Capt  Jeffery  Jarvis, Maj Marie Danley  and CPT Jason Sharp
Team C: Maj Kimberly Caldwell, Maj Christina Carter and Maj Willard McDougal
PCMH Trifold

The Patient Centered Medical Home focuses on the patient being the center of healthcare and driver of care rather than the passive recipient. Care that is truly patient-centered considers patients' cultural traditions, personal preferences and values, family situations, and lifestyles. It makes the patient and their loved ones an integral part of the care team who collaborate with healthcare professionals in making clinical decisions. Patient-centered care puts responsibility for important aspects of self-care and monitoring in the patient's hands, along with the tools and support they need to carry out that responsibility. Patient-centered care ensures that transitions between providers and healthcare settings are respectful, coordinated, and efficient.

TRICARE Online features secure access to beneficiary making appointments, viewing medication prescriptions and personal health data. To register, go to and click on the "Log In" button located on the Home page. From there, choose the blue "Register" button  and follow the instructions to complete your account registration.

MiCARE/Relay Health allows you to communicate via secured email with your Health Care team. Your information is confidential. You may also request prescription refills or ask your team, health related questions without the need of an appointment. Please visit any clinic in the 18th Medical Group to fill out an enrollment form.

Location: 18th Medical Group, Bldg 626, First floor

Mandatory Call-in Refills: Prescriptions called in before 1600 should be ready for pick-up the next duty day after 1000.
Dial 630-4817 (base phone) or 098-960-4817 (cell phone); Press prompts 3-1-1-2-1
('3' prompts the pharmacy automated system , '1' prompts to use pharmacy system, '1' prompts  automated refill system, '2' prompts  for Kadena clinic, '1' to fill your prescription)

If your phone rings and the system doesn't answer, all lines may be full. Please try again later.
If you continue to have difficulty and need to speak to someone, please call 630-4817 (base phone) or 098-960-4817 (cell phone). Press prompts 3-2
('3' prompts to pharmacy and '2' prompts to speak to someone in pharmacy). Hold for an answer.

TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (Express Scripts)
Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy is another option to receive your daily medications via mail. For more information please click link below. This link will also register your request.

Updated February 2016