Team Composition: Laboratory, Pharmacy and Radiology

Location: Bldg 626, 1st Floor
Service Hours: 0730-1630 Monday thru Friday
Closed: Holidays, PACAF Family Days, and 3rd Thursday of every month @ 1200 for training


Annual work load:  Laboratory: 117,000 lab tests

The Clinical Laboratory Element is a limited service laboratory performing basic testing within the subspecialties of Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Urinalysis, and Immunology. Specialized tests such as histopathology and cytology specimens are shipped outside of the facility to military and civilian reference laboratories. The Clinical Laboratory Element provides support to MDG outpatient clinics and eligible beneficiaries. All laboratory tests must be requested by a privileged health care provider.

Contact Number: DSN 315-630-4408 (DSN) or 098-960-4408 (Commercial)
Patient Advocate Contact Number: DSN 315-630-4992 or 098-960-4992 (Commercial)

Important Notes: The laboratory does not provide results directly to patients. You can get your lab results by contacting the ordering clinic or you can request copies of your results from the Patient Administration or Flight Medicine.

Patients reporting for LIPID PROFILE must observe a strict fasting of 12-14 hours (nothing to eat, or drink other than plain water) as well as abstaining from mild exercise and smoking prior to having their blood drawn. 

TRICARE Online features secure access to beneficiary appointments, prescriptions, and personal health data such as laboratory results. To register go to the following link www.tricareonline.com click on the "Register Now on TOL" link located under the Login are on the Home page. From there, follow the instructions to complete your registration. Once registered, you can further expand access to personal data, including the lab results by following the "BLUE BOTTON" feature.

BLUE BOTTON feature on TRICARE online allows users to specifically expand access to the laboratory results.

For health and safety reasons, please do not bring children less than 10 years of age with you unless they are scheduled to receive medical care, as we do not have personnel to adequately supervise them while the patient is being seen. If you bring children with you to your appointment, children under 10 may remain in the clinic waiting area if supervised by an adult who is not on duty for the 18 MDG. Family members of any age may accompany the patient, but small children should be restrained in a child-stroller or child seat in the treatment area. Parents/guardians will be responsible and liable for the safety of their children. We may require you to cancel and reschedule the appointment if compliance cannot be met. We highly encourage you to use a certified childcare provider, the Child Development Center, or leave your children with your spouse or trusted friend.

Information and Instructions:
Paternity Testing Information Sheet
Instructions for 24-Hour Urine Collection
Instructions for 3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test
Instructions for Occult Blood Collection
Instructions for Pinworm Collection 
Instructions for Semen Collection (Post-Vasectomy)
Instructions for Stool Collection (Using Para-Pak Plus Collection Kit)