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  • Sharp, crisp and motionless by choice

    The 18th Wing Honor Guard welcomed a dozen new members during a ceremony March 14, after a three-day crash course training program.
  • Staying Grounded

    Most people hear “spiritual resiliency” and immediately think of one’s religious views. While a Christian myself, I don’t associate the two very closely.
  • Developing the force

    The Spring cycle for Air Force Developmental Special Duties is quickly approaching, and newly-minted NCOs may wonder what this will mean for their future in the Air Force.
  • Can you identify the signs?

    In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Since then, a number of programs and preventative trainings have come to the forefront of many Americans minds and organizations.
  • Local residents tour their past at Kadena

    Approximately 40 local nationals from Okinawa visited Kadena Air Base, Japan, March 21, 2018, to pay respects at preserved sacred sites during an annual tour.
  • Touring with JAAGA

    Members of the Japan-American Air Force Goodwill Association toured Kadena Air Base, Japan, with the 18th Wing commander March 13 and 14, 2018.
  • They got that boom, boom, boom

    Often times, when people think of explosive ordnance disposal teams, they think of a scene out of Hurt Locker – an American hero to be, a selfless soul in a bomb suit ready to risk it all for their comrades and country. Although it’s a part of the job, detonating a potentially life-threatening explosive isn’t necessarily the everyday mission; there’s much more to the career field. For the 18th Civil Engineer Squadron EOD team, the island of Okinawa offers a unique working experience, seeing as how the military installations are built upon the grounds where a war was once fought.
  • Gathering the tools to lead

    KADENA AIR BASE, Japan – Kadena Air Base hosted its first Squadron Superintendent Course for approximately a dozen senior noncommissioned officers, March 11 through 14. Senior NCOs from different squadrons under the 18th Wing attended the two-and-a-half-day course to develop themselves for future or current roles as superintendents.
  • Protocol: Planning the Visitors – Visiting the Plans

    When distinguished visitors come to a base, every minute of their day is meticulously planned. Hotels, travel, formal dinners, seating locations – the entire process is much like a large puzzle. This is just a typical day at Kadena Air Base for the resident “puzzlemasters” behind the scenes – the members of protocol.
  • 18th Aerospace Medicine tests water, oil, soil

    Laboratory testing equipment sits on a counter at the 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron preventive medicine flight laboratory services March 8, 2018, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. The lab tests many elements found in the environment of Okinawa, Japan, such as water, oil and soil. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Jessica H. Smith)
  • Key Spouses support the mission behind the scenes

    The Air Force Key Spouse program is an official Air Force family readiness program put in place at the unit level to help Airmen and their families be resilient through all of the challenges of being a member of the armed forces. While other programs for resiliency may be more visible to the naked eye, some may say that the Key Spouse program is one type of glue that holds the base together behind the scenes.
  • Work or play

    For many, being stationed overseas can be a blessing or a curse.
  • Always Prepare

    Okinawan and military first responders hosted a bilateral natural disaster exercise at Kadena Air Base Feb. 28, 2018, to test and improve evacuation procedures between members of Team Kadena and the local community.
  • Repairing the field, one hole at a time

    The sound of heavy machinery fills the air as dust flies. Noise grows louder as drills and saws cut through pavement, evidence of people hard at work. The cloud of dirt lifts overhead and clears to reveal the project behind the racket and debris– airfield repair.
  • Remembering the fallen

    Members of the 1st Special Operations Squadron visited the crash site of Stray 59 Feb. 26, to drop a wreath in honor for the eight aircrew members and 15 passengers who died there. The memorial flight has been flown by the 1st SOS every year since the crash 37 years ago. On Feb. 26, 1981, during the crew’s last mission of a 16-day exercise hosted