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  • 18th Wing conducting NEO exercise

    The 18th Wing will conduct a noncombatant evacuation operation exercise Wednesday and Thursday at Chapel 1 to test the wing's emergency evacuation procedures for family members. The exercise will target at least 20 percent of families of active-duty members, Department of Defense civilians and contractors across every unit on base for evacuation
  • Kadena's '5-star' Services programs among best in Air Force

    Kadena's fitness, library, outdoor recreation and golf programs were recently honored with "Five-Star" recognition by the Air Force, honoring them as among the best in the Air Force.The Air Force recognized 87 programs service-wide on March 3 as having a high level of quality and achievement, but only Kadena won the 5-star crown in each
  • Kadena hyperbaric chamber saves lives

    Since 1995, 167 patients have been treated for decompression sickness in the hyperbaric chamber at Kadena AB, an average of 17 cases per year DCS develops when potentially life-threatening bubbles of nitrogen arise in tissues after diving or high-altitude flying. Hyperbaric treatment uses pressure and oxygen aids in eliminating those bubbles and
  • Kadena Web site to offer "real-time" news

    Team Kadena and their family members are now able to read about KAB and the latest breaking news on Okinawa and Air Force-wide from anywhere in the world. Kadena's Web site, http://www.kadena.af.mil, will now contain news, features, community notes, briefs, sports and more as they are featured in the Shogun newspaper. The 18th Wing Public Affairs
  • Raptors arrive at Kadena

    Ten F-22 Raptors arrived here Feb. 17 and 18 for the first overseas deployment of the Air Force's newest air supremacy aircraft. The aircraft, assigned to the 27th Fighter Squadron at Langley Air Force Base, Va., started their deployment to Kadena almost 10 days previously with a stop at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. While en route, a software issue
  • AMC terminal streamlines check-in process

    As part of Air Force Smart Operations 21, members from the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron here saw the need to streamline the check-in process and have recently added a second security gate. With the addition of a second gate, travelers can now check in for flights an hour later than usual. According to Master Sgt. Justin Sturn, 733rd AMS passenger
  • Kadena's Medical Group gets a check-up

    Patients at the Kadena clinic can rest a little easier knowing that the clinic is doing all it can to make sure they get the best possible care. The 18th Medical Group recently underwent two evaluations simultaneously. The hospital was scored on the nine functional areas of the medical field; breaking the nine fields into about fourteen hundred
  • PACAF commander: Unity is key in war on terrorism

    Taking care of Airmen and their families, the war on terrorism, modernizing the aging fleet, and the recent stand-up of the 13th Air Force Detachment at Yokota AB, Japan, were topics of interest for the commander of Pacific Air Forces during a visit to Kadena AB Feb. 1 to 3. "Taking care of Airmen and their families is a high priority," Gen. Paul
  • Kadena Airmen ready for visiting Raptors

    As Kadena Air Base officials get ready to host 12 F-22 Raptors for the fighters' first overseas deployment, the base's most important focus right now is their readiness stance. "That readiness gives us piece and stability in the region," said Brig. Gen. Harold W. Moulton, 18th Wing commander. "And frankly because the front lines of the global war
  • Kadena Airmen live life of Japan self defense force

    Six Kadena Air Base NCOs recently had the opportunity to experience what life is like in the Japan Air Self Defense Force. As part of the NCO Bilateral Exchange Program they traveled in JASDF aircraft Dec. 5 to Tsuiki Air Base in mainland Japan. There, they spent nine days living and working side-by-side JASDF airmen in similar jobs. "We're
  • Team Kadena members deploy

    More than 600 Airmen from here have begun deploying as part of Air Expeditionary Force Cycles 5 and 6 to various locations in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility to support the war on terrorism. As Airmen prepared to board commercial aircraft for flights to locations in Iraq and Qatar, the 18th Wing commander met with them to wish a
  • They serve 'that others may live'

    Normally, when people hear about members of the 31st Rescue Squadron, they think of them as super heroes who act on a moment's notice, jumping out of aircraft in a blaze of gunfire to save a downed pilot. Combat search and rescue is more than what people see in the movies -- pararescuemen - also known as PJs - perform combat land and water recovery