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Cutting back on the juice


October 31 marks the end of Energy Action Month. The goal of the month is to highlight the role energy and water play in the Air Force’s mission and encourage smart energy and water use and management.


The 718th Civil Engineer Squadron energy office worked throughout the month to raise awareness about energy savings and resiliency.


“Our goals for Kadena are to increase energy efficiency, optimize performance, eliminate waste of resources and thereby protect the environment,” said Ray Powell, 718th CES installation energy manager. “We aim to create a more energy conscious community.”


The base is continuously being upgraded in small ways in an effort to improve efficiency to reduce both costs and maintenance hours.


One such way is, recently, most exterior lights on the installation are being replaced with LED lighting. According to Charles Chen, 718th CES resource efficiency manager, LED technology has recently improved significantly in reliability and efficiency while still dropping in cost.


“They use less energy, require less maintenance and provide better quality of light,” Powell explained.


In addition to increasing efficiency, energy resiliency has recently become a focus to the energy office. Energy resiliency is being able to restore power quickly and maintaining back-up power sources for critical resources in the event of a natural disaster.


“The Air Force Energy Program enhances mission assurance through energy assurance,” Powell said. “That means we will be prepared for whatever emergencies may be thrown at us; in all situations we are able to accomplish our mission.”