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  • Northern Edge 2019 aircraft arrivals

    Northern Edge is one in a series of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command exercises in 2019 that prepares joint forces to respond to crises in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • JASDF Chief of Staff, U.S. Forces Japan commander visit Okinawa

    U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Case Cunningham, 18th Wing commander (left), Japan Air Self -Defense Force Chief of Staff Gen. Yoshinari Marumo (middle), and Lt. Gen. Kevin B. Schneider, U.S. Air Forces Japan commander, pose for a photo in front of the Kadena Air Base headquarters building, May 21, 2019. While visiting, Cunningham, Marumo and Schneider discussed key topics such as the vital role of both U.S. and Japanese Airmen in ensuring regional security and stability.
  • Kadena celebrates newest master sergeants

    As the technical sergeants promote to the highest tier of the enlisted force, they are charged, trained and equipped to lead junior NCOs and Airmen into capable leaders of tomorrow.
  • 44th FS takes to the skies in Northern Edge 19

    The 44th Fighter Squadron and other units participating in NE19 have access to the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex, which is one of the largest training ranges in the world, with approximately 65,000 square miles of available airspace; 2,500 square miles of land and 42,000 square nautical miles of surface, subsurfaces and overlying airspace.
  • Pacific Trends Jams Out for Okinawa residents

    U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Christin Foley, Pacific Trends vocalist, greets students during a rock concert at the Okinawa Shogaku private school, Okinawa, Japan, May 18, 2019. Foley and the Pacific Trends band perform in a multitude of settings from orphanages to high school gymnasiums to world-class concert halls throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
  • How can you use social media to positively influence your life?

    Some of us spend hours on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We scroll through countless pictures, watch endless videos and some involve themselves in questionable commentary. At times, we leave these realms feeling inadequate or hopeless. So, how can we use this technological space to meaningfully educate, motivate and inspire us into action?
  • Airmen come together for Combat Archer exercise

    The 325th Fighter Wing is approaching the conclusion of Combat Archer 19-8 that was conducted in conjunction with the on-going Checkered Flag 19-1 exercise at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, May 6-17, 2019.
  • Fueling a Partnership

    The 35th Fighter Wing provides worldwide deployable forces with a sustained forward presence focused on maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific.
  • Feast of the East

    A neon-lit display portrays cultural highlights of the island of Guam during an Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPIH) luncheon at the Rocker Enlisted Club, Kadena Air Base, Japan, May 16, 2019. Stylized information booths gave attendees various perspectives on cultures to include the Philippines, Afghanistan, Korea, China,
  • Spark Tank Innovation

    Units from around Kadena Air Base's 18th Wing compete for $146,000 in innovation funding by presenting their best ideas and concepts to a panel of senior leaders who provided feedback and determined the amount of funding awarded.
  • Police Week 2019

    Airman and Marines participated in 2019 Police Week May 13-17, on Kadena Air Base, Japan. National Police Week is a time honoring those who have sworn to protect and defend, as well as, pay special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.
  • 33rd RQS HH-60G Pavehawks prepare to fly

    U. S. Air Force Airmen perform pre-flight inspections on multiple HH-60G Pave Hawks May 8, 2019, on Kadena Air Base, Japan. The 33rd Rescue Squadron, which flies and maintains the Pave Hawks is also known as the Jolly Green Giants. They maintain a high tempo of operations and training in order to ensure peak performance around the globe; anytime, anywhere.
  • Kadena Eagles touch down at Tinian

    The 44th Fighter Squadron from Kadena Air Base, Japan, spent time on temporary duty assignment recently at the Tinian International Airport, Tinian, during exercise Resilient Typhoon, April 23, 2019. Resilient Typhoon is a dispersal exercise based at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, designed to validate Pacific Air Force’s ability to maintain
  • Sayonara Shogun Two

    A KC-135 Stratotanker piloted by U.S. Air Force Col. Richard Tanner, 18th Wing vice commander, drives through water spray May 7, 2019, commemorating Tanner's final or fini flight at Kadena Air Base, Japan. For many aircrew, the fini flight is a way to recognize and honor fellow aviators as one who can now hang their hat with the many Airmen who
  • Strengthening relationships through social media

    Kadena Air Base and the Japan Air Self Defense Force collaborated on a contest using their Twitter pages to give followers a chance to win a tour of both bases. With roughly a 1 of 30 chance in winning, 10 people were selected to be part of a same-day tour of both Naha and Kadena Air Bases, May 8. The winners consisted of individuals from Okinawa and mainland, Japan – all of who were aircraft enthusiasts. For most, base tours – especially two in one day—is a rare opportunity.