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DoDDS-Pacific/DDESS-Guam students continue to outperform state side schools in all areas

2007 TerraNova Median Percentiles for Pacific area

2007 TerraNova Median Percentiles for Pacific area

TORII STATION, Japan -- Dr. Nancy Bresell, Director DoDDS-Pacific/DDESS-Guam, is proud to announce that the results from the TerraNova Assessment clearly demonstrate that students in the Pacific continue to score higher than the national average in all subject areas.

Approximately 14,500 students took the TerrraNova test in the Spring of SY 2006-2007. DoDEA has administered standardized tests for over 30 years. The TerraNova 2nd edition has been given since 2002. Bresell explained that, "Each year our students in the Pacific continue to outperform students attending some of the best school districts in the United States in all subject areas."

Students in grades 3-11 are tested with the TerraNova Multiple Assessments in the broad achievement areas of reading, language, mathematics, science, and social studies. Student scores are compared with those of a nationally representative sample of students who took the same test. "The results clearly demonstrate that our focus on Highest Student Achievement and DoDEA Community Strategic plan serves as the foundation of success by providing a clear vision for our educational and support operations throughout DoDDS-Pacific/DDESS-Guam," said Bresell. "The data provides our teachers and principals with valuable information that can be used to further improve our educational programs."

Scores are reported as percentiles, and a percentile tells the percentage of students in the national group who scored below that level. The average score nationwide would be the 50th percentile by definition. Therefore, an average school district would have average scores around the 50th percentile. Bresell went on to explain, "We are very proud of our students' achievements in all subject areas. Our continued focus in the area of math is working very well and even compared to DoDEA's test results our scores remain the same or higher in grades 3-11. Much credit needs to be given to our teachers. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for their time and effort in promoting learning and achievement each and every day."

In the Pacific, the scores range from 9-25 points above the national average. "These results represent the success of our students but only tell part of the story. I wish to recognize our administrators, teachers, parents, and military commands for their on-going support and commitment to our schools and most importantly to the students who walk through our doors every day in search of new challenges and opportunities," Bresell said.