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  • Take a Power Nap

    Team Kadena,As we begin the hot summer months ahead, Kadena's electrical bills will be rising with the temperatures. Did you know that Kadena pays higher rates for electricity that is used between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. during the summer? For example, doing a load of laundry at 1 p.m. will cost us 20 percent more than doing that laundry at 5 p.m.We need
  • Freedom is Not Free - Remembering our nation's heroes

    As we all set out to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend, please take a moment to honor the heroic men and women who served our great nation and paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our way of life. I also ask that you keep safety at the forefront of you mind when traveling around the island, or getting in the water. One of the first well-known
  • 18th Wing commander offers Critical Days of Summer message

    The Air Force's "Safe 'n Sound - All Year Round" safety campaign continues for the Critical Days of Summer, which begin Memorial Day weekend. Pacific Air Force's goal is zero preventable mishaps. During the 2012 CDS, the 18th Wing experienced 19 mishaps. The PACAF commander's six directives, reiterated by the 5th Air Force commander, would have
  • AMC offers a 'mighty' tool for mentors

    Get mentored or get left behind. Air Force development opportunities are becoming more competitive and without proper guidance, an officer stands the chance of missing important milestones. While still a mystery to most, Air Mobility Command's ribbon chart is a mighty, yet highly underutilized developmental tool for mentorship. Officers must
  • Survival tip for deployed moms on Mother's Day

    I told myself to be strong. I told myself that tears won't change the fact that I was leaving my son for six months. Moments later, my husband pulled up to the airport for the final goodbye, but the Hoover dam couldn't hold back my tears or drown out the sound of my sobs. My head told me to get it together, I was in uniform, but my heart was having
  • Make most of every moment - dive into pool of opportunities

    One of my favorite T-shirts sports the phrase, "Wherever you go, there you are." I'm a big believer in "blooming where you're planted" and in taking advantage of the many opportunities each new assignment presents. I'm good at "arriving" and getting plugged in. Leaving -- well, that isn't my strong suit. I have to remind myself that mentally
  • Silver bullets for effective leadership: 'Calling The Baby Ugly'

    Growing up a pararescueman in the United States Air Force taught me a lot about maintaining a true bearing towards excellence. It was a hard life with hard choices, a game of life and death where only winners got a chance to advance. In order to be considered a winner, you had to exceed your capabilities every day. It was a non-negotiable mindset;
  • Kadena inspector general explains complaint, FWA processes

    It is probably fair to say some of you have already been exposed to the Air Force inspector general processes and have your own perceptions. My goal is to help you understand the role of the Air Force IG. IGs don't work for other IGs ... they work for their respective wing commanders.I wish I could tell you with a straight face the Air Force never
  • Toe to Iwo To with professional development

    Often in our careers we hear about the importance of professional development and how imperative it is to our personal growth, as well as in helping us develop as Airmen. Recently I had the honor of accompanying about 40 men and women from the 18th Medical Group on a trip to the island of Iwo To, more commonly referred to as Iwo Jima.The trip was
  • Senior airman severs joint boundaries in corporals course

    When I first received word I would be attending the Marine Corps Corporals Course on Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Japan, I was immediately flooded with exhilaration. It wasn't until I thought about what I was really getting myself into that the nervous anticipation settled in and gave me a good hard slap across the face. This is what I joined