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  • KSO: Powered by volunteers

    The Kadena Special Olympics is slated to be held Nov. 7, as an opportunity for special needs athletes within the Okinawan community and their families to join U.S. service members in a day full of competitive sports and festivities.For the past 15 years, the annual event has been made possible

  • 18th CS promotes Cyber Security Awareness Month

    Cyberspace is quickly becoming one of the biggest threats to not only national security, but to personal security of every individual as well. Every Airman has the responsibility to practice Operational Security (OPSEC) and ensure that they do not make it easy for cyber criminals to access sensitive

  • Through Airmen's Eyes: Old memories revisited

    John Buchanan left Okinawa, an island fresh to the idea of industrialization, a place that now exists only in memory. He returned in September of 2015, although not quite as he had planned."I knew that I would come back to Okinawa," Buchanan said. "I was going to come back with a friend of mine, but

  • Good Neighbors: Cable Dawgs deliver an early Christmas

    Christmas came early this year for 24 children from an orphanage in Itoman City thanks to Kadena's "Cable Dawgs."Members of the 18th Communications Squadron's cable and antenna maintenance shop, affectionately called the Cable Dawgs, visited the orphanage on Sept. 22, 2015, carrying toys, clothing,

  • KSO season begins with bowling tournament

    The familiar, thunder-like roar of bowling balls rolling down the lane, the clattering of pins falling, and the joyful shriek of a bowler celebrating a strike fill the bowling center.It's a scene of fun competition known to anyone who's ever played the game, and the Kadena Special Olympics bowling

  • Through Airmen's Eyes: Migrant Airman overcomes cultural barriers, prospers

    Across the spectrum of Air Force careers, Airmen often progress through similar timelines: basic military training, technical education, job apprenticeship, developing leadership skills and management positions.According to one staff sergeant in the 718th Civil Engineer Squadron, he defining factor

  • 2015 KLI program comes to close

    Anticipation and a slight hint of sadness can be felt in the atmosphere of the room. Eager students, proud parents, coworkers and delighted leadership are all joyful for the accomplishments of their Kadena Language Institute internship program students.Sept. 3 marked the end of the 2015 KLI

  • Suicide prevention: 24/7/365 responsibility

    Every September brings suicide prevention awareness month, however it extends far beyond just a single month; it serves as a yearly reminder to help keep the issue in the forefront of people's minds.Suicide awareness goes hand-in-hand with exemplary leadership in the profession of arms. Making sure

  • Sec_rity is not complete without U

    We are all too familiar with exploring our favorite social media sites in search of that funny video or picture, or posting our current status and emotions. Although we can have tons of fun on these sites, we need to be familiar with how one click of the mouse can have a significant impact on our

  • AADD; never leave an Airman behind

    A small group of Airmen sit in a quiet lobby, waiting for the phone to ring, passing the time with television shows and studying for classes throughout the night.That is what the average night looks like for an Airman on duty for the Airmen Against Drunk Driving program here on Kadena Air Base,