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AMC Pet Info

Click here to see AMC guidance on traveling with pets.



- Pet shipments will be in conjunction with PSC moves
- Authorized pets are limited to household dogs and cats
- Pets cannot be left behind and travel unaccompanied
- Pet reservations are made through your local transportation office

Pet Fee:

- Pet and containers weighing under 70 lbs are $110
- Pet and containers 71-140 lbs are $220
- Pet and containers 141-150 lbs are $330
- Pet and containers over 150 lbs are not authorized

Authorized Pet Containers:

- Containers must be hard shell and NOT soft sided or collapsible for pets going in the below baggage compartment
- Pets must be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down with normal posture and body movements
- Containers must provide adequate ventilation

Two Pets In One Container:

- Two small pets (under 31 lbs each and 6 months old or younger) of the same species that are used to cohabitation may be shipped in the same container
- Still requires two approved pet reservations through your local transportation office
- Two pets in one cage will only be charged as a single pet and container

Space Available Pet Program:

- Program to allow PCS passengers the opportunity to ship more than 2 pets
- See your local transportation office 15 days prior to flight departures to see if unused pet spaces exist
- The transportation office will print out a confirmation for your records if approved 

In-cabin Pets

- Pet spaces are severely limited on Patriot Express Missions to 10 cargo pet spaces and 3 in-cabin pet spaces (notify transportation office if in-cabin pet desired)
- Kennel size is restricted to 20L x 16W x 8H. Soft shell containers allowed.

Pet Comfort:

Place several layers of absorbent material such as newspaper or absorbent material in the bottom of the cage. Do not use straw, grass, sand, soil, sawdust.
- Place the animal's favorite blanket and play toy in the cage.
- Give the animal sufficient food and a chew bone for the trip.
- Attach a water bottle.


- Talk to your local veterinarian and transportation office for border clearance documentation and health certificates for your new duty station.

Pet Check-in:

- Passengers may check-in for seat confirmation from 1200 the day prior to the flight until 1100 the day of flight
- Pet fees can be paid on the day of the flight.
- The pet will remain with the passenger until pet acceptance at 1200 the day of the flight


- During summer months connecting commercial airlines may have heat embargos on shipping pets
- Commercial carriers are not responsible to feed and water your pet. If aircraft ground times exceed 2 hours you may request to walk, feed, and water your pet.