Ride Safe, Ride Smart

KADENA AIR BASE, Japan -- Wing Safety and the military motorcycle club Green Knights chapter 138 held an 18th Wing annual motorcycle safety brief for military and civilian riders March 9 at the Keystone Theater and Base Exchange parking lot.

Members of the Green Knights reinforced motorcycle standards by covering topics such as vehicle accidents, riding gear, traffic laws, weather conditions, and mentorship programs. After the brief, Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructors and Green Knights members took riders to a skills practice range to refresh and improve their bike handling abilities.

“This kind of hands-on event is extremely important because as riders do continuously ride they can get complacent and feel they are fine, but what they are actually losing could be those emergency braking and swerve skills they have not had to use in daily riding,” said U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jacoby Bruner, Green Knights chapter 138 president. “This is also a good time for riders to build off one another’s skills by doing the practice course.”

In addition to helping riders refresh their safety and riding knowledge, leaders emphasized the importance of camaraderie and taking advantage of mentorship opportunities. Different elements of the safety brief enabled Airmen to be better at minimizing the dangers of riding and preventing avoidable injuries, which can disable their warfighting ability.

“Events like today are designed to emphasize safe riding practices, create camaraderie with other riders, and to enhance sound risk management principles,” said Senior Master Sgt. Jeremiah Carpenter, 18th Wing Safety superintendent. “The time and resources we invest into motorcycle training is designed to prevent mishaps, safeguard Airmen, and preserve combat readiness.”

The Green Knights military motorcycle club is a non-profit organization with more than 130 groups at military bases worldwide, and chapter 138 was sanctioned by the 18th Wing commander in 2016. They work with Wing Safety and Security Forces to help riders adhere to federal, state, and local regulations while addressing the needs and concerns of military-affiliated riders through continuous education, safety knowledge, and community involvement.

“Motorcycle mentorship is a crucial element of any successful motorcycle safety program, and it is a two-way street because not only can less experienced riders learn from seasoned riders, but riders with vast experience also can learn from novices as well,” said Carpenter. “That is why mentorship clubs like the Green Knights are so important.”

For more information on motorcycle mentorship and events, contact Motorcycle Safety at 634-2450 or find the Okinawa-based Green Knights on social media as “Green Knights MMC Ch 138.”