733rd AMS first to offer virtual Space A Roll Call

KADENA AIR BASE, Japan -- (Editor's note: This is the first in a series about the virtual Space A program here)

The 733rd Air Mobility Squadron is the first in the Air Force to implement and test a virtual Space Available Roll Call program that began March 16 and will run through July on Kadena.

"Space A travel has been the same since it began," said Master Sgt. Jessica Coombs, 733rd AMS superintendent of passenger operations. "We understand that traveling Space A is taxing on people, particularly families with small children. We are trying to give our passengers back their time and only require them to pack everyone and everything up if they actually are selected for a flight."

The process to obtain a Space A flight begins at the passenger terminal. The sign-up process does not change, however the selection process is now being offered virtually, which means passengers can be notified by email if they have been selected for a flight.

After sign up, passengers can monitor the 72 hour flight schedule through the Air Mobility Command Channel on AFN, the "Kadena Passenger Terminal" Facebook page or by calling the Passenger Service Center's flight schedule recording at 634-5806.

Once the passenger has found a flight to their desired destination, within 24 hours of the posted roll call time, they must proceed to the passenger terminal to mark themselves present and provide their email address to the agents at the Passenger Service Center.

2nd Lt. Steven Lane, 733rd AMS passenger operations officer in charge, stressed that the personal information provided to them by individuals interested in competing for a flight virtually is completely protected in the passenger service system.

"Once someone is marked present, they are present for 24 hours," said Master Sgt. Jamie Rood, 733rd AMS passenger operations NCO in charge.

Before roll call begins, a roll call notification email is sent to all passengers marked present and asks them if they would like to compete virtually. Passengers interested must reply yes to the email to compete for the seats virtually.

No response will indicate the passenger does not want to compete virtually, but they still have the option to compete in person at the terminal at the posted roll call time.

If selected for the flight, a flight notification will be sent via email notifying the passenger of selection with check-in procedures and a time to be at the terminal.

If not selected for the flight, a non-selection notification email will be sent providing the option for passengers to go to the terminal, at the time specified in the email, in order to compete in person for possible additional seats.

"Since passengers are marked present for 24 hours, if we have other flights to their desired destination they will continue to receive emails for other virtual roll calls," Rood said.