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Emergency Leave and EML



 DOD 4515.13R, Air Transportation Eligibility

 DOD 1327.5R, Leave and Liberty

 USPACOM FORM 505/3, UEML Travel Authorization Form

 Purpose: To prescribe policy for eligible personnel at designated overseas locations to travel on DOD-owned or controlled aircraft.

 Provides Periods of Respite from Working Environment

 Considered Supplemental Leave

 Does Not Affect Normal Space-A Travel Privilege

 Limited to Two Trips per Year

 Member May Not Take UEML Trips w/in 6 Months of start or End of Tour

 Trips Are Not Cumulative and Cannot Exceed 90 Days without Approval from USPACOM

 USPACOM FORM 505/3 Is The Only Authorized Form To Use

 Can Be Locally Produced

 Can Be Direct Copy Or Computer Generated But Must Read Verbatim and In Same Format

 Issuing Authority Will Review Restrictions Associated With UEML Travel With All Applicants, IAW DoD 4515.13R

 Original Orders May Only Be Amended By Issuing Authority

 Only Original Document Is To Be Used For Travel

Japan Conus Guam, Hickam,Elmendorf, Japan
Japan Guam Japan
Japan Hawaii Japan
Japan Elmendorf Japan
Japan Korea Japan

**Singapore & Philippines is not an authorized EML Location**

 All transit stations must be listed on EML authorizations to be used.

 Passengers must register at each down line station for onward travel.

 Participants are limited to 2 trips per year either accompanied or unaccompanied. A year is 12 months commencing from when a member reports to a unit.

 EML travel authorizations cannot exceed 90 days.

 Personnel cannot take EML with 6 months at the beginning or end of a service member's tour at the eligible location.

 Personnel must be a leave status to sign-up, remain in a leave status while awaiting travel, and be in a leave status for the entire period of EML travel (to and from destination).

 The sponsor must also be listed as a traveler to be signed up as CAT II. This is ensuring the sponsor has not exceeded his 2 trips per year.

 The original form must accompany the traveler.

 The traveler must be provided the back side of the form (privacy act statement and restrictions on travel).

---Emergency Leave---

 Member's Unit CC Responsible for Granting Emergency Leave

 Funded Emergency Leave Granted When:

 Death of Immediate Family or Household Member

 Member's Presence Would Contribute To Welfare of Dying Member of Household or Immediate Family Member

 Serious Illness Resulting In Family Problems That Should Be Met Immediately By Service Member

 Severe Hardship That May Result From Member's Failure To Return Home

 Funded Emergency Leave Shall Not Be Denied Solely Because of Lack of Funds

 Emergency Leave Shall Not Be Granted For the Purpose of Increasing Travel Priority or Offsetting
Personal Travel Costs

 Unfunded Emergency Travel:

 Official Red Cross Message (Where Possible)

 Commander/First Sergeant Authorization Letter Validating Emergency

Additional information
LAX = spacealax@travis.af.mil (312-833-0714)
SEA = eagle@mcchord.af.mil or seataccsb@yahoo.com (312-382-0555)
SUU= 60APS.spacea@travis.af.mil (312-837-5703)
HIK= 735AMS.TRPS@hickam.af.mil (449-1515)
OKO= space.available@yokota.af.mil (225-5661)
OSN= spacea@osan.af.mil (784-1854 / 6883)
UAM= andersen.spacea@andersen.af.mil