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  • International rescue effort saves trapped soccer team

    Twelve boys ranging from the age of 11 to 16, along with their soccer coach, found themselves stranded in a cave in Thailand’s Chiang Rai province, June 23, 2018. After 17 days of being trapped, an international rescue team was able to successfully bring an end to the nearly 3-week rescue operation.
  • Full speed ahead

    The term ‘full throttle’ is often translated as doing something completely or without restraint. Here at Kadena Air Base, the 18th Component Maintenance Squadron and 44th Aircraft Maintenance Unit are training to do just that – powering aircraft full speed ahead.
  • Gobbling up the competition

    Staff Sgt. James Smith, 67th Aircraft Maintenance Unit weapons load crew chief, inspects AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missles during an annual "turkey shoot" weapons load competition July 16, 2018, on Kadena Air Base, Japan. Airmen competed to load two AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles and one AIM-9X heat seeking missile
  • Fueling the Airmen

    The Marshall Dining Facility remains empty just minutes before opening for lunch July 13, 2018, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. The DFAC is the primary place for dorm-resident Airmen to have their meals. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jessica H. Smith)
  • How to prepare for typhoons

    Living on a tropical island may seem like a breeze, but during typhoon season it’s possible to be blown away with never-ending safety precautions.
  • Typhoon Readiness: Team Kadena assesses lessons from Typhoon Prapiroon

    Typhoon Prapiroon kicked-off the 2018 typhoon season, mildly impacting the area July 1-2, and Team Kadena leadership gathered to discuss its impacts. In a post-typhoon discussion, key leaders from across Kadena discussed how to more effectively communicate Tropical Cyclone Conditions of Readiness (TCCOR) Conditions as well as lessons learned from the first typhoon of the season.
  • Hard to Raptor head around

    As the morning sun rises over the base, the pilot walks to his aircraft. Both man and machine will work as one unit in the sky today. The pilot looks at the crew chief, who is waiting at the aircraft, and gives a thumbs up. As the pilot buckles into the cockpit and the canopy closes, the crew chief ensures that the final touches are completed and clears the jet for launch.
  • Trial procedures are nothing to mock

    While the Uniform Code of Military Justice may be the same across the services, each branch still has their own quirks when it comes to serving justice. All four branches on island, as well as their Japanese counterparts came together June 29, 2018, at Kadena Air Base, Japan, to participate in a mock trial. The day started with an introduction to military justice and moved on to investigations, commander’s discretion non-judicial punishment, and ended with the mock trial.
  • Hit the lights

    Imagine a child grabs a pack of instant ramen to make breakfast, as there is no other food available for the morning meal. The slow walk to the microwave to heat the noodles that the child will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner is just another part of the daily routine – like getting out of bed in the morning. The power flickers out, leaving the child dejected and hungry. The bills were paid late again, and now there’s no power.
  • 18 SFS train to always be ready

    Members of the 18th Security Forces Squadron conducted an active shooter exercise here June 25th. The 18th SFS patrolmen constantly refine how they accomplish their mission. Part of that improvement process is their ability to work alongside a large variety of other agencies that can become involved in incidents that require a security forces response.
  • Keeping it cool

    While Kadena residents are familiar with high temperatures, there are those who are hard at work to make it bearable. The 18th Civil Engineer Squadron’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning shop installs, maintains and repairs the climate-controlling equipment for every building on Kadena Air Base.
  • Aiming high at over 200 miles per hour

    On the surface, it may be hard to see how the Air Force and auto racing are similar. Upon closer inspection, however, the themes of teamwork, perseverance and excellence ring true in both worlds. For driver Conor Daly, support from his team – and support from the Air Force – may have helped fuel the most gratifying race of his young career.
  • Excellence in all we do – including saving money

    The Kadena Airman & Family Readiness Center was awarded the America Saves Designation of Savings Excellence Award in May for their efforts in assisting service members and their families in financial management, especially during the Military Saves Week 2018.
  • AETC Leadership visits Kadena AB

    First sergeants from Team Kadena pose for a photo with Air Education and Training Command leaders June 12, 2018, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. The visit highlighted new innovations and ideas being brought forth for future Airmen and their training timeline from basic to their first duty station. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Greg Erwin)
  • Different place, same mission

    Over 20 students from the Australian Defense Force Centre for Strategic and Defense Studies, representing six countries, visited Kadena Air Base, Japan, May 16, 2018.